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Iron Bowl

2013 Iron Bowl

Most epic Iron Bowl ever? Scratch that, most epic college football game ever? Alabama's field goal attempt with one second remaining came up short and Auburn returned the ball the length of the field for the Iron Bowl win as the capacity crowd at Jordan-Hare Stadium and a national television audience went berserk.

"Last year my son was "Kid Captain of the Game". We were on the field when the team walked out right after tiger walk. Nick Marshall, Tre Mason, Ricardo Louis and more talked to him. One guy picked him up and took a pic. That guy was Chris Davis. Who knew what he'd do a few hours later!" - James Whitaker

"They say lightning never strikes twice in the same place, but it's really a myth. All you need is the right amount of heat, the right amount of cold and little bit of cosmic luck to attract a jolt from the sky. On a little patch of Alabama land covered by steel and concrete and the belief of 87,451 fans, those elements clashed in perfect harmony Saturday night in a way that changed the course of history." - Dan Wolken, USA Today

"Several years ago I joined Tigers Unlimited with my daughter and her husband and attended my first Iron Bowl since college. Last year was the first I time I saw my beloved Tigers win in person and boy was it memorable. It was worth waiting 40 years since my first Iron Bowl. I lost count of the hugs and emotions shared in our north end zone seats." - Steve Koehler

1982 Iron Bowl

Auburn drove the length of the field late in the fourth quarter and freshman Bo Jackson dove over the top of the Alabama defense on fourth-and-one for the game-winning score. The Tigers sealed a 23-22 win in Pat Dye's second and Bear Bryant's last Iron Bowl. "Bo Over the Top" became this game's moniker.

"Everyone remembers Bo over the top, but Lionel James carried an equally heavy load. Randy Campbell ran the offense masterfully. As we waited to jump the fence at Legion field, we were trampled. On the field the goalposts went down. Suddenly a pseudo mosh pit developed and the Auburn players, following Coach Dye's advice to "go outside to be with your people", were being passed over everyone's heads. It was surreal." - Monty Newport

"I was there with a good friend who was at Alabama while I was at Auburn. We flipped a coin and sat on AU's side for the first half and UA's for the second. I was VERY alone when Bo dove. Lucky I got out of there alive as I went nuts -- in a sea of Alabama fans." - Russell Johnson

"Still have the picture of the scoreboard showing one second left in game when we got the ball the last time and we stormed the field. I remember watching as the goal post came down; some body gave me a piece of the foam pad as we walked to our cars." - Keith-Suzanne DeVault

1972 Iron Bowl

Lightning does indeed strike twice. No. 2 Alabama led the Tigers 16-0 going into the fourth quarter but a field goal and two blocked punts returned for touchdowns gave Auburn a stunning 17-16 win. Amazingly, the same player, Bill Newton, blocked both punts and the same player, David Langner, returned both for scores.

"Punt, Bama, Punt! I transferred to Auburn in the fall of '72. Along with several friends, I decided to watch the Iron Bowl game in the dorm, since the game was in Birmingham and we had finals the next week. No studying that night! Everyone ended up at Toomer's Corner for an all-night celebration!" - Rebecca Dunlap Teaff

"17-16, Punt Bama Punt. There was an Alabama fan sitting in front of us, and when we blocked the first punt, he said, "Oh, that one little point won't make a difference!" As the tide continued to change, he got up and left, never to be seen again. That game was just as joyous as last year's win!" - Nancy Pritchett Hood

"When that last desperation pass from Alabama was intercepted in the last seconds of the game, it was icing on the cake. It took us more than an hour to get out of the stadium at Legion Field; every Auburn person or group had to shake my dad's hand and briefly rehash the miracle." - Claudia Swift

"I was there as an Auburn fan with my parents who were Bama fans. It hurt to see the disappointment in my parents faces (they are both in Heaven now) but it was one of those games you will never forget and did not want to leave the stadium that day!" - Faye Helms

"I will never forget it! My husband and I were newlyweds and both attending Auburn. Of course, there was no money to attend the game. We listened on the radio and immediately jumped in the car and flew to Toomer's Corner to celebrate with the crowds." -Carolyn King

"About three hours after the Punt Bama Punt game, I went riding around Mobile in my Triumph screaming WAR EAGLE. I ran into Mike Fuller at the Pak-a-Sak. He was a freshman on Auburn's team then. That is a good memory."- Rose Battle

"Punt Bama Punt in 1972 has to be in the top two. I was singing in a wedding that day and we got so excited on the way to the church, we had to pull off the road or wreck." - Mary Johnston Haney

1989 Iron Bowl

The first time ever. The Auburn Family will always remember the '89 Iron Bowl as the first time Auburn would host the Crimson Tide. In front of the largest crowd to ever witness an Iron Bowl up to that time, the Tigers grabbed a share of the SEC Championship by knocking off No. 2 Alabama 30-20.

"My first Iron Bowl was in 1989. That was the greatest game that I ever attended. I have been to several since but what that game meant to the Auburn family in brining it home was probably the single grandest event in Auburn football history." - Zac Richardson

"The emotion that cold day was so raw, vivid and visible that several Auburn players, including a pickup truck of a tailback in James Joseph, hyperventilated during the pregame Tiger Walk. Inside Jordan-Hare Stadium, the gray sky turned blue with the mist of shakers shaken with such force they turned into confetti launchers." - Kevin Scarbinsky

2010 Iron Bowl

Undefeated Auburn stormed back from a 24-point deficit to stun Alabama 28-27 at Bryant-Denny Stadium. The Tigers would go on to win the SEC and National Championships. The Tigers would take the final lead in the fourth quarter when quarterback and eventual Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton connected with Phil Lutzenkirchen on a seven-yard TD pass.


"Was there wearing my Auburn jersey. Still the greatest comeback in Auburn-Alabama history. Being the 75th Iron Bowl made it that much more incredible. " - Donny Langford

"I was there. Late in the second quarter, I told the Bama fans if we scored before halftime, we would beat them. They just laughed. They were no longer laughing in the fourth quarter. War Eagle!" - Danny Creamer

"We were hosting a watch party for the Auburn Club of Lower Alabama at our house with 60 die-hard fans. That was an epic win and the celebration we had will never be forgotten. Good times!" - JoAnn Williams Jones

1993 Iron Bowl

Auburn would go undefeated during the 1993 season with big wins against Florida, Georgia and LSU. But the icing on the cake was a stirring comeback win in the Iron Bowl against Alabama at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Who can forget Nix-to-Sanders, Bostic's run or Jim Fyffe's calls from that game?

"Out of the shotgun, Patrick Nix... Alabama bringing everybody. Nix is going to float one for Sanders. Sanderssss... OHHH HE CAUGHT IT AT THE TWO AND HE DIVED IN. TOUCHDOWN AUBURN!! TOUCHDOWN AUBURN!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! - Jim Fyffe


"I was there with my Dad. Almost broke his neck when Bostic scored, it was unbelievable. I'll cherish that memory always with my Dad." - Alicia Powell

"Nix-to-Sanders to this day is the greatest play I have ever witnessed in an Iron Bowl. That 1993 Auburn team would not be denied."- Brandon Hanks

"My tickets were on the 10-yard line. The (Nix-to-Sanders) catch was right in front of us! Replayed that catch in my head continuously for at least three weeks." - Bret Jones

"Best times of my life. Our team was one big family and we believed in each other. 11-0, best team in the country!" - Andy Fuller

2005 Iron Bowl

Unleashing a relentless pass rush, No. 11 Auburn upstaged one of the nation's stingiest defenses to win 28-18 in the 2005 Iron Bowl. The Tigers sacked Alabama quarterback Brodie Croyle an amazing 11 times to win their fourth consecutive in the rivalry.

"I was there for the 2005 game and I still have my bumper sticker. "Honk if you sacked Brodie Croyle". - Sandra Massey Blevins

"I taped 11 brown paper bags on my office door and wrote "QB" on each one. Every time a Bama fan asked me what they were, I told them "those are the 11 QB sacks Auburn had on Saturday. If you need one, help yourself. We have plenty." - Laura Hobbs Perkins

1997 Iron Bowl

Auburn was down 17-15 with the clock ticking under a minute left in the game. Worse, Alabama had the ball. But the Crimson Tide called an ill-advised screen pass that was promptly fumbled after a hit delivered by the Tiger defense. The offense drove down to the Alabama 22 and Jaret Holmes came in to convert the 39-yard field goal. High drama and an 18-17 Auburn win.


"I was in Fairbanks, Alaska, watching that game. After the game, I got a knock on the door. Someone called the cops on me. I had been jumping up and down and yelling when it was good. I offered to show the cops why there was a commotion. (I had taped the game). They declined and left. War Eagle!" - John Cole

"This was my first Iron Bowl. Sitting in the student section, locked arm-in-arm with total strangers. Just remember sitting in the stands chanting "SEC, SEC" 30 minutes after the game ended, since this kick sent us to the SEC championship." - Ben Mauldin

"1997 was my first Iron Bowl ever (I was seven). My Dad is an Auburn alum and faculty member, and he finally decided I was old enough for a game of this magnitude. Toward the end of the game I looked up at him with tears in my eyes saying "we're going to lose aren't we?". Thankfully, we caused the fumble and kicked the field goal to win 18-17. Dad raised me right if I got that into a game at age seven." - Samantha Trupp

1986 Iron Bowl

Alabama led 17-14 with 32 seconds remaining in the game. Auburn's Lawyer Tillman ran a reverse around left end from eight yards out for the TD and the 21-17 win. This was the first of four consecutive Iron Bowl victories for Auburn under head coach Pat Dye.

1969 Iron Bowl

Late in the fourth quarter, quarterback Pat Sullivan and a powerful running game had staked the Tigers to a 42-20 lead. But what came next was one of the more famous plays in Auburn history. Punter Connie Frederick, who was also a wide receiver, took off from punt formation and ran 84 yards for a TD with 42 seconds left in the game. The crowd and the Auburn sideline were in a frenzy as Frederick made a move on the final would-be tackler and took it to the end zone. Auburn went on to a 49-26 victory.

"Connie Frederick ran a fake punt for a touchdown from deep in Auburn territory for the last and Coach Jordan really chewed him out when he got back to the sidelines. Students were chanting "We want 50!" but Shug was too much of a gentleman to run up the score. Man, it was sweet!" - Alice Ozier

1983 Iron Bowl

This Iron Bowl at Legion Field on December 3, 1983 is remembered for stormy weather including a tornado warning for the stadium (play was not stopped) and more than nine inches of rain. Auburn tailback Bo Jackson would score on a sensational 71-yard run to make the score 23-20 Tigers late in the third quarter. That would the final margin as rain began to fall so heavily, the TV audience could barely see the field in Birmingham. Auburn played ball control to seal the win.

1963 Iron Bowl

Played just eight days after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, No. 9 Auburn would rely on backup quarterback Mailon Kent after starter Jimmy Sidle was injured early in the game. The Tigers' lone touchdown came on a pass from Kent to Tucker Fredrickson and Auburn's defense did the rest to seal a 10-8 victory at Legion Field.

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