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Auburn Preseason Central Regions
Video  8/20: Malzahn on Tuesday
Video  8/20: DT Gabe Wright
Video  8/20: LB Cassanova McKinzy
Video  8/20: DT Angelo Blackson
Video  8/20: Junior RB Corey Grant
Video  8/20: Inside Tuesday's Practice
Feature  8/20: AU Turns to RBs, WRs
Feature  8/20: Where It Began for Nick
Feature  8/20: Marshall Embracing No.1

Off. Coord. Rhett Lashlee
"We feel like the upside is very high in that each week we should see improvement with him. We've got to put him in position to be successful. The more reps he gets, only the better he's going to be."
Video  8/19: Coach Rhett Lashlee
Video  8/19: Coach Ellis Johnson
Video  8/19: Kicker Cody Parkey
Video  8/19: Inside Monday Practice
Feature  8/19: AU Shuffling Defense
Feature  8/19: Kodi Burns a Model
Feature  8/19: Ellis Johnson on "D"
Feature  8/19: Marshall Stays Cool
Feature  8/19: Wallace Next in Line

Def. Coord. Ellis Johnson
"Everybody has this happen and football players have to step up when they get the opportunity and take their turn."
Video  8/18: QB Nick Marshall
Video  8/18: Center Reese Dismukes
Video  8/18: Malzahn on Practice
Feature  8/18: Burden of Leadership
Feature  8/18: Marshall's Prep Coach
Feature  8/18: Shock and Disbelief

Head Coach Gus Malzahn
"Nick Marshall has emerged and earned the right to be our starting quarterback. As I've said, we wanted to go with the guy that gives us the best opportunity to win football games and Nick is that guy."
Video  8/17: Malzahn on Practice
Video  8/17: Tight End C.J. Uzomah
Video  8/17: RB Corey Grant
Video  8/17: Fullback Jay Prosch
Video  8/17: Inside Saturday Practice
Video  8/17: Lee and Gabe Gross
Photos  8/17: Saturday Photo Gallery
Feature  8/17: Marshall Starting QB
Feature  8/17: Coleman Wants to Help
Feature  8/17: Frazier's Good Start
Feature  8/17: Uzomah on Marshall

Senior Kicker Cody Parkey
"We're doing a lot of situational stuff, a lot of two-minute drill field goals and kickoffs and onside kicks. We're just getting the basics down so we'll be ready for that first game."
Video  8/16: Go Inside Friday's Practice
Video  8/16: Senior DT Jeff Whitaker
Feature  8/16: Parkey, Clark Deliver
Feature  8/16: Hard Work Pays Off
Feature  8/16: Twenty Years of Coaches
Feature  8/16: A Positive Day in Auburn

Junior Receiver Dimitri Reese
"It was definitely a big surprise. When he called my name, my heart just jumped. My mom and dad were crying and praising the Lord and everything. They did a little Holy dance."
Video  8/15: Dufner Talks to Tigers
Video  8/15: Malzahn Post-Practice
Video  8/15: Punter Steven Clark
Video  8/15: Kicker Cody Parkey
Video  8/15: Receiving Scholarships
Feature  8/15: Dufner: Persevere
Feature  8/15: Fast, Faster, Fastest
Feature  8/15: No Giving In for Holland

Senior LB Jake Holland
"Anytime you have that leadership position, you are going to get some scrutiny whether you are productive or not. If they're going to scrutinize me, I'll take it."
Feature  8/14: Focus and Intensity
Feature  8/14: Two Ticket Packages
Feature  8/14: Therezie's Time

Coach Charlie Harbison
"(Therezie's) a great talent, great speed, great athlete. He has to stay with that uncommon focus. You focus one play at a time and good things will happen."
Video  8/13: Center Reese Dismukes
Video  8/13: Coach Rhett Lashlee
Video  8/13: WR Sammie Coates
Video  8/13: DB Jonathan Jones
Video  8/13: Jonathan Mincy Interview
Video  8/13: Inside Tuesday's Practice
Photos  8/13: Tuesday Photo Gallery
Feature  8/13: Dismukes Leads Way
Feature  8/13: QBs Learning Offense
Feature  8/13: In Praise of Auburn QBs
Feature  8/13: Another Starting QB

Junior DB Kiehl Frazier
"I love Auburn. I love the coaching staff. I love the fans. I love my teammates. When I committed to Auburn, I committed for four years, maybe five, however long I stay here."
Video  8/12: Kiehl Frazier Moves to DB
Video  8/12: Head Coach Gus Malzahn
Video  8/12: Post-Practice C.J. Uzomah
Video  8/12: Inside Monday's Practice
Feature  8/12: QBs: Marshall, Johnson Lead
Feature  8/12: Frazier Embraces New Role
Feature  8/12: Latest Football Notebook
Feature  8/12: Tickets: True Blue Pack
Feature  8/12: Gameday Improvements
Feature  8/12: "Player-Friendly" Defense

Junior RB Trey Mason
"These (Auburn Fan Day) are the days I love. Without them, I wouldn't be anything. The best fans in college football."
Video  8/11: Tigers Greet Auburn Fans
Photos  8/11: AU Fan Day Photo Gallery
Feature  8/11: Linebackers Move Up
Feature  8/11: AU Fan Day | Printable Map
Feature  8/11: Garner, Craig Home Again
Feature  8/11: Scrimmage Highs & Lows

Junior Receiver Quan Bray
"I saw composure. From the first to the second scrimmage, they didn't have a lot of busted assignments. They are getting comfortable back there. I see a lot of improvement."
Video  8/10: Malzahn Post-Scrimmage
Video  8/10: Wide Receiver Quan Bray
Video  8/10: CB Jonathan Mincy
Photos  8/10: Scrimmage No. 2 Photos
Feature  8/10: What's Next for QBs?
Feature  8/10: Bray: QBs Composed
Feature  8/10: McNeal Makes Difference
Feature  8/10: Corners Get the Message 
Junior Receiver Quan Bray
"I saw composure. From the first to the second scrimmage, they didn't have a lot of busted assignments. They are getting comfortable back there. I see a lot of improvement."
Video  8/09: Coach Dameyune Craig
Video  8/09: Coach Scott Fountain
Video  8/09: Coach Melvin Smith
Video  8/09: Coach J.B. Grimes
Video  8/09: Photo Day at Jordan-Hare
Photos  8/09: Auburn Team Photo Day
Feature  8/09: Inside with AU Assistants
Feature  8/09: Grimes Back on the Job
Feature  8/09: Matter of Pride for Seniors
Feature  8/09: AU Fan Day on Sunday
Feature  8/09: Marshall Law Blog
Feature  8/09: AU GoldMine Blog
Head Coach Gus Malzahn
"We had some guys hanging in the pocket. All four of them showed toughness and that's one of the No. 1 things that you look for in a quarterback."
Video  8/08: Go Inside Practice 7
Photos  8/08: Practice No. 7 Photos
Feature  8/08: More Than QBs for Gus
Feature  8/08: Narrowing QB Race
Feature  8/08: Auburn Preseason Q&A
Feature  8/08: Defense Relishes Action

Jr. S Jermaine Whitehead
"We're going to get better on tight coverage and reading routes. Getting our hands on the ball is something we definitely have to improve on going forward..."
Video  8/07: Go Inside Practice 6
Video  8/07: Head Coach Gus Malzahn
Video  8/07: Linebacker Jake Holland
Video  8/07: Running Back Corey Grant
Video  8/07: DB Jermaine Whitehead
Video  8/07: Quick Practice Video
Photos  8/04: Practice No. 6 Photos
Feature  8/07: QBs Live in Scrimmage
Feature  8/07: Practice No. 6 Notebook
Feature  8/07: Quick Practice Notes
Feature  8/07: Prosch Embraces Role
Feature  8/07: Ten Truths: QB Races

Senior FB Jay Prosch
"I think guys were excited to get to some tackle football. The last few days we've been doing kind of thud practices. Guys really came out today and were physical."
Video  8/06: Go Inside Practice 5
Video  8/06: Fullback Jay Prosch
Video  8/06: D-End Craig Sanders
Video  8/06: Receiver Jaylon Denson
Video  8/06: Sanders Proud AU Alumn
Photos  8/06: Quick Facebook Pics
Feature  8/06: QBs Turn to Scrimmage
Feature  8/06: Offense Bounces Back
Feature  8/06: Early Practice Notebook
Feature  8/06: Mason Has Help at RB
Feature  8/06: Johnson and Linebackers
Feature  8/06: Johnson Gets to the Point

Def. Coord. Ellis Johnson
"As far as the physicality, we don't really know because we've been running around in shorts. We'll find out more the next few days."
Video  8/05: Go Inside Practice 4
Video  8/05: O-Lineman Chad Slade
Video  8/05: Running Back Tre Mason
Video  8/05: RB Cameron Artis-Payne
Video  8/05: Coach Rhett Lashlee
Video  8/05: Coach Ellis Johnson
Photos  8/05: Quick Facebook Pics
Feature  8/05: Lashlee Evaluating QBs
Feature  8/05: Fun Thing to Watch
Feature  8/05: Practice 4 Notebook

Junior TE C.J. Uzomah
"There's a lot of moving around and we have to know big picture play, so I think that's going to help us in the long run. Again, I'm just trying to do my best for whatever they ask me for the team."
Video  8/04: Go Inside Practice 3
Photos  8/04: Practice No. 3 Photos
Feature  8/04: Davis Working Hard
Feature  8/04: Should Pads Went On
Feature  8/04: Uzomah at All Positions
Feature  8/04: Holsey Ready for Duty
Feature  8/04: Sanders, Smith Graduate

Junior WR Trovon Reed
"I just have to go out there and get better. I read a lot of stuff and hear a lot of stuff. I still believe in myself and know what I can do. I have my teammates behind me."
Video  8/03: Go Inside Practice 2
Video  8/03: LB Kris Frost
Video  8/03: TE C.J. Uzomah
Photos  8/03: Practice No. 2 Photos
Photos  8/03: Quick Facebook Pics
Feature  8/03: Ford, Adams, Lawson
Feature  8/03: Reed Won't be Deterred
Feature  8/03: Ready to Mix Things Up
Feature  8/03: Notebook: Practice 2
Feature  8/03: It's Time for Robinson
Feature  8/03: Load Heavier for TEs

Soph. OL Greg Robinson
"It was kind of hot, but we had a good time out there, just getting back to it. Everybody was encouraging one another, trying to push everybody through. We had a lot of pace. We're trying to get the edge back."
Video  8/02: Practice No. 1 Video
Video  8/02: WR Trovon Reed
Video  8/02: DE Dee Ford
Video  8/02: DB Joshua Holsey
Feature  8/02: New QBs Get a Look
Feature  8/02: Practice Notebook
Photos  8/02: Practice No. 1 Photos
Photos  8/02: Quick Facebook Pics

Head Coach Gus Malzahn
"It was really great to be out there on the practice field with our players. The coaches were extremely excited and our players were too. They've worked extremely hard to get to this point and it was a good atmosphere."
Video  8/01: Tigers Excited to Start
Feature  8/01: AU Debuts Writer Blogs
Feature  8/01: Printable Roster
Feature  8/01: 2013 Football Guide
 Preseason Practice
 08/02  Practice No. 1
 08/03  Practice No. 2
 08/04  Practice No. 3
 08/05  Practice No. 4
 08/06  Practice No. 5
 08/07  Practice No. 6
 08/08  Practice No. 7
 08/10  Practice No. 8
 08/11  Practice No. 9
 08/11  Fan Day, 3:30-5:30 p.m.
   More Practices TBA
* Please note: All practices and scrimmages are closed to the public.
 2013 Schedule
 08/31  vs. Washington State
 09/07  vs. Arkansas State
 09/14  vs. Mississippi State
 09/21  at LSU
 10/05  vs. Ole Miss
 10/12  vs. Western Carolina
 10/19  at Texas A&M
 10/26  vs. Florida Atlantic
 11/02  at Arkansas
 11/09  at Tennessee
 11/16  vs. Georgia
 11/30  vs. Alabama
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"He has his quarterback and has a good idea on his starting offensive line. Now, Auburn offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee is working out the playing rotation for his running backs and receivers. The depth chart..." | Read More

"Chances are, unless you were going there, you've never been to the little town where Nick Marshall became a Georgia High School legend. You aren't likely to go through Rochelle, home of Wilcox County High School..." | Read More
"Nick Marshall hasn't been Auburn's starting quarterback long, but it's been long enough to impress offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee. "I'd say yesterday and today you could see he's kind of taking it and running with it..." | Read More

"Mentally he's one of the quickest guys we got," Johnson said. "He's picked up the scheme, talking, making some checks those young JUCO guys and freshmen guys weren't making for two weeks. He's going to be OK in time..." | Read More
"He became a fan favorite long before he caught a touchdown pass in the 2010 BCS title game and long before he was selected to present an Auburn jersey to President Obama as part of a national title celebration..." | Read More

"Auburn's top pass rusher will miss the season-opener, a defensive back is out for sure and much of the rest of the Tigers' defense hasn't been feeling too sporty, either. Defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson... | Read More
"When the quarterbacks were live in scrimmage, when they were put in harm's way, Nick Marshall kept his cool. Gus Malzahn liked that. "He's very unique. He's a phenomenal athlete," said Auburn's coach..." | Read More

"Jonathan Wallace didn't win the race, but first-year Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn said Sunday night he never lost the confidence of his coaches and teammates. Wallace, a sophomore who started..." | Read More
"Nick Marshall knows something about being in the eye of the storm. He was a legendary high school quarterback. He played cornerback for Georgia and later played quarterback for a junior college team with..." | Read More

"Saturday night, Mark Ledford got the call for which he'd waited and hoped. It was from Nick Marshall, who brought good news. He'd been named Auburn's starting quarterback. "I just got off the phone..." | Read More
"Blake Poole heard Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn call his name, but for a moment he wasn't sure how to react. Had he heard wrong? No, he had not. Poole, a senior defensive back, was one of three walk-ons..." | Read More
"Junior college transfer Nick Marshall was named Auburn's starting quarterback Saturday as the Tigers continued to set a course with its new coach and now a new leader on offense. Marshall began practicing with..." | Read More

"C.J. Uzomah, Auburn's junior tight end, had heard about quarterback Nick Marshall's athleticism. But seeing it at Auburn was an eye-opener anyway. Uzomah, from North Gwinett in Suwanee, Ga., and Marshall..." | Read More

"Auburn coach Gus Malzahn said after Saturday's practice that Kiehl Frazier will play in the season-opener against Washington State, even though he was moved from quarterback to safety just last Monday. "He's really..." | Read More
"He still thinks at times about what has happened in his life and probably always will. But he's a 6-foot-6, 306-pound offensive tackle playing for the school that embraced him in his time of despair and with friends that were..." | Read More

"They were two of the steady ones last year, and are back to handle the kicking chores again. In a time of coaching change and a new philosophy, new Auburn coach Gus Malzahn can rest easy with senior..." | Read More

"It was definitely a big surprise," Reese said. "When he called my name, my heart just jumped." His first call was to his parents. "My mom and dad were crying and praising the Lord and everything," Reese said... | Read More

""It's the best time in the world to come to Auburn," said Whitt, an assistant athletics director and fundraiser. "I wouldn't want to be here any other time. I've been out of coaching since '05 and have no aspiration to coach..." | Read More
"Auburn coach Gus Malzahn reminded his football team that its off day was Wednesday. Thursday was the day for work. "Coming off an off day, I could tell about half of them weren't into practice when we were..." | Read More
"Gus Malzahn is mic'd-up, calling for the first team or second team and this quarterback and that quarterback at practice. It is such a given that Auburn will be in a hurry this season, now that Malzahn has returned after..." | Read More
"Big Auburn fan Jason Dufner came to football practice Thursday with his PGA Championship trophy and some good advice. "He told us to keep persevering and forget about last year and go into this year with..." | Read More

"As linebacker Jake Holland's sophomore season at Auburn wound down in 2011, just getting out of bed in the mornings could be painful. High ankle sprains routinely sideline players for weeks. Holland had two of them... | Read More
"It's been just more than eight months since Gus Malzahn was named Auburn's head football coach. He vowed on Dec. 4 to make Auburn a championship program again. And the work began that night. There was a..." | Read More
"For Robenson Therezie, almost nothing has gone the way he expected when he signed with Auburn out of Miami in 2011. Therezie was one of the South's top defensive back prospects, choosing Auburn over Alabama... | Read More
The biggest news coming late Monday was the emergence of junior college transfer Nick Marshall and freshman Jeremy Johnson in Auburn's quarterback race:
"Nick Marshall and Jeremy Johnson will take most of the significant snaps at quarterback this week, but that doesn't mean sophomore Jonathan Wallace is out of the picture, said offensive coordinator Rhett..." | Read More

"In the heat and humidity of south Alabama summers, Reese Dismukes didn't sleep late. He didn't hang out with his friends. That wasn't the way things worked at his house. Ed Dismukes owned a plumbing company..." | Read More
"Brandon Cox and Kodi Burns. Chris Todd and Cam Newton. Barrett Trotter and Kiehl Frazier. Auburn has had six different opening day quarterbacks in the last six years, and is guaranteed to have a..." | Read More

"Junior college transfer Nick Marshall and freshman Jeremy Johnson have emerged as the frontrunners for the starting quarterback job at Auburn in a shakeup at the position that saw Kiehl Frazier move to safety... | Read More
"Kiehl Frazier stood at the podium in the Auburn football auditorium Monday, the lights shining on his face. And he stood tall and proud. Moments earlier, first-year Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn had announced... | Read More

The Tigers returned to the practice field Monday after Auburn's annual Fan Day yesterday. Watch for full features, blogs, opinion and analysis plus photos and video at
"The news was mostly good for Auburn's defense Monday. Senior safety Demetruce McNeal, sidelined when an infection required minor surgery, practiced for the first time in preseason camp. The rules require that..." | Read More
"Garner is in charge of the defensive line, a veteran group that he says needs to improve. "Guys have had flashes, but flashes aren't good enough. We've got to be more consistent," Garner said. It's the first year at Auburn..." | Read More
Fans greeted the 2013 Tigers at Fan Day on Sunday afternoon at Auburn Arena. Watch for complete coverage of preseason football with features, photos and video.

Photos  Auburn Fan Day Photo Gallery
"Jake Holland missed time in spring practice because of class. He's caught up in the fall. Auburn defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson said Sunday the senior is ahead at middle linebacker 11 days into fall practice..." | Read More
"Standing on the field at Jordan-Hare Stadium, Dameyune Craig can point to the very spots where so many memorable plays happened. It was on that field that he become an Auburn icon, shattering passing..." | Read More

"Scrimmages matter. They matter a lot. They go a long way toward deciding who plays and who doesn't. But the truth is, unless you are on the coaching staff, you can watch every snap and still not know what is going on..." | Read More
Auburn scrimmaged "around 85 plays" at Jordan-Hare Stadium Saturday in its second live action session of the preseason. Read reaction and more features below along with post-practice video from Coach Malzahn, WR Quan Bray and CB Jonathan Mincy:
"Our goal was after this scrimmage to narrow things down at all positions, but, specifically, at the quarterback position. Hopefully, after we watch film, we'll have a chance to do that somewhat," Malzahn said after... | Read More

Video  WR Quan Bray | CB Jonathan Mincy | Coach Malzahn
"You can call him Coach McNeal. For now. Senior safety Demetruce McNeal has missed the first eight practices of Auburn's preseason camp as a result of an infection that required minor surgery. But Charlie..." | Read More
"Melvin Smith has coached enough in the SEC to know what works, and what doesn't, and even how to try to keep up with all these new fast-paced offenses, like the one Gus Malzahn uses. Keep it simple. "The worst..." | Read More
After seven consecutive days of practice, the Tigers take their first break of the preseason on Friday. The team will be back for its second preseason scrimmage on Saturday. We'll have full coverage with features, photos and video at
Video  Coach Craig | Scott Fountain | Melvin Smith | J.B. Grimes
"Coach Rodney Garner (defensive line) says Jeff Whitaker has a leadership role. "He's a guy you can set your watch by. If I have to say one guy is the leader in my room, I'd say it would be him," Garner said... | Read More
"Going into Saturday's scrimmage, the second of preseason camp, some of Grimes' questions have been answered. But there are still decisions to be made. "We had a little separation at some positions," Grimes said... | Read More
"Tempered by adversity, 10 players from Class of 2010, joined by fifth-year defensive ends Dee Ford and Nosa Eguae and transfer H-back Jay Prosch, prepare now for their final Auburn journey. Six of their fellow..." | Read More
Seniors at Photo Day
Photos  Photos: Auburn Team Photo Day at Jordan-Hare Stadium
"Auburn's football team gets a day off Friday after seven days and eight practices. Following are some memorable quotes from the week that was: S Jermaine Whitehead on quarterbacks: "They ran..." | Read More
Auburn's annual Fan Day presented by Golden Flake Snack Foods is scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 11 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. CT at the Auburn Arena. The event is free of charge. Doors will open at approximately 3 p.m... | Read More

A day after conducting its first scrimmage, the Auburn Tigers hit another milestone for the preseason: first two-a-days. Watch for more features, video and photos direct from
"The media and fan attention in Auburn's fall camp has been on the race to be the starting quarterback. Coach Gus Malzahn has to look at a much bigger picture, whether it's sending a message to his players (he made.." | Read More
Video  Video: Go Inside Practice 7 (Morning Session)
"Auburn's first scrimmage came and went without much movement in the four-man quarterback race. Things will probably be different when the Tigers scrimmage again Saturday." | Read More
"With the first scrimmage of the preseason in the books, some things are starting to clear up for the Auburn football team. But lots of questions remain to be answered before the Tigers open their season against..." | Read More

"When Jermaine Whitehead and his defensive teammates got the news before Wednesday's scrimmage, they whooped and hollered in celebration. The quarterbacks, they were told, would wear blue instead..." | Read More
Rain chased the Tigers into the indoor practice facility at the Auburn Athletics Complex Wednesday afternoon but the team got its scrimmage in for the first time this preseason. Remember to follow the Tigers on Facebook and Twitter for the very latest.
""I thought it was very important, especially when you're trying to evaluate four guys, to give them a chance to make plays, just like a regular football game." Malzahn said Frazier, Wallace, Marshall and Johnson "had fairly..." | Read More

"With the offense threatening to score early in the scrimmage, senior linebacker Jake Holland made a big play. He picked off a Jonathan Wallace pass and returned it some 70 yards. But he didn't score. "We were doing..." | Read More
"Rain chased Auburn out of Jordan-Hare Stadium and into its indoor practice facility Wednesday, but that didn't stop the Tigers from staging their first scrimmage of the fall. After a short warm up, the Tigers began... | Read More
Video  Video: Go Inside Preseason Practice No. 6 (Wednesday)
"No more shorts. No more quick whistles. Jay Prosch was in his element Tuesday in full pads for the first time in fall practice. "It was awesome. I'd rather hit somebody instead of using my hands and slowing down..." | Read More
"The race to be Auburn's starting quarterback reaches it most important day so far with this afternoon's scrimmage at Jordan-Hare Stadium. It will be the first major test for Kiehl Frazier, Jonathan Wallace, Nick..." | Read More
Rain Tuesday afternoon sent the Tigers indoors for Auburn's first preseason practice in full pads. Watch for complete coverage including features, photos and video direct from Remember to follow the Tigers on Facebook and Twitter for the very latest.
"Coach Gus Malzahn needs a starting quarterback. What better place to look for one than in Jordan-Hare Stadium? Auburn will stage its first scrimmage of fall practice in the stadium Wednesday with a focus on... | Read More

Video  Video: Receiver Jaylon Denson | D-End Craig Sanders
"On Monday, Auburn's offense had a disappointing day. On Tuesday, fullback Jay Prosch said it was a different story. "The offense had a rough day yesterday," Prosch said. "We came back and brought it and had... | Read More
Photos  Practice No. 5 Quick Facebook Pics (40 Photos)
Video  Video: Go Inside Preseason Practice No. 5 (Tuesday)
"Auburn was dressed in its Saturday best for practice Tuesday. It was the first day in full pads and full uniforms of fall practice. The early work was typical: The quarterbacks basically throwing amongst themselves..." | Read More

"Tre Mason, the running back who missed most of spring practice with an injured ankle and who was dunking on a regulation goal a few months later, is out to prove any doubters wrong again. He rushed for..." | Read More
"Some have looked better than others in drills. Others have lost weight. And what does that say about Auburn's linebackers? Not enough for defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson. Not yet. "Depth chart-wise, I feel like..." | Read More

"If it was a good day of practice, Johnson will tell you that. If it was a bad day, he'll tell you that, too. Ask him what he thinks about just about anything, and he'll tell you straight up. He makes reporters smile and..." | Read More
We're less than four weeks to Auburn's season-opener against Washington State at Jordan-Hare (Saturday, Aug. 31, at 6 p.m. CT on ESPNU). The Tigers hit the practice field for session No. 4 Monday afternoon. Full coverage here at

Video  Chad Slade | Tre Mason | Coach Lashlee | Coach Johnson
"Newcomers Nick Marshall and Jeremy Johnson are playing catch up to Kiehl Frazier and Jonathan Wallace in Auburn's quarterback race, but that's OK. Four practices in, offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee..." | Read More
"Auburn players are not playing the guessing game of who's going to be the Tigers' starting quarterback, but running back Tre Mason knows this: "It's going to be a fun thing to watch." Mason said Monday he's... " | Read More
Photos  Practice No. 4 Quick Facebook Pics (75 Photos)
"Pittsburgh Steelers' scout Mark Gorscak was on hand to watch Auburn's fourth practice of the preseason Monday afternoon. Gorscak took particular interest in the offensive line. He played center at..." | Read More
Video  Video: Go Inside Preseason Practice No. 4 (Monday)
"Occasional pilot-of-airplanes Kris Frost wants to be a full-time linebacker this season, and that's why he's looking at fall camp as the time to impress. "It's definitely been the biggest camp for me so far, and being healthy..." | Read More
Below are the latest features, video and photos from Auburn's third practice of the preseason Sunday afternoon:
"Almost from the time he arrived last December, Auburn football coach Gus Malzahn has called for team leaders to step forward. And he said Sunday, after the third practice of preseason camp, that he's..." | Read More
"The shoulder pads went on Sunday, the third day of Auburn's preseason camp, and head coach Gus Malzahn hit the accelerator. After two days of veterans and newcomers working mostly separately..." | Read More
"Auburn's C.J. Uzomah is playing tight end. And H-back. Outside receiver. Slot receiver. C.J. Uzomah is a man for all positions, the guy who replaced Philip Lutzenkirchen at tight end at midseason last year..." | Read More
Video  Go Inside Preseason Practice 3 |PhotosPractice Photos
"Josh Holsey is a safety these days, and doing quite well, thank you for asking. But if duty calls, if he's needed to move, the Auburn sophomore says he's ready to slide back to cornerback. "It doesn't matter..." | Read More
"Sanders and Smith were on the field for walkthroughs Saturday morning. They were on the field for practice Saturday afternoon. But for them and for their families, what happened in between was extremely special..." | Read More
The Tigers returned for their second practice of the preseason Saturday afternoon in Auburn. We're posting photos and video plus features from Charles Goldberg and Phillip Marshall:
"You may have to look twice on opening night to recognize Auburn defensive end Dee Ford. He has switched from No. 95, a traditional number for a D-end, to No. 30. Is he a wannabe running back? No, just a defensive... | Read More
"The words sting. Trovon Reed doesn't deny that. He's heard and read that he's a bust, that he's not physical enough, that he was never good enough to begin with. Reed, a fourth-year Auburn wide receiver..." | Read More
From the Marshall Law blog: "Is there any player on this team easier to pull for than offensive tackle Shon Coleman? If things had gone as expected, he could be entering his senior season. He was diagnosed..." | Read More
"Gus Malzahn, head coach at Auburn University, likes to visit every position in practice. One of his first stops Saturday was a familiar spot: The quarterbacks. He was an interested observer, but shelved any... | Read More
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Quick Facebook Pics
"Auburn coach Gus Malzahn's plan for the first two days of fall practice was to work his veterans together early, then work the newcomers late. Sunday will be different. "We're going to put everybody together..." | Read More
"For Greg Robinson, it's time. He knows it. His teammates know it. His coaches know it. That's why he dedicated himself in the weightroom during the offseason, why he spent extra hours watching film..." | Read More
"When Auburn players heard in December that Ryan Russell had joined first-year head coach Gus Malzahn's staff as strength and conditioning coach, they were happy they would see a familiar face in the..." | Marshall Law Blog
Auburn officially kicked off preseason practice for 2013 with its first session Friday afternoon. Be sure to read blogs daily from Charles Goldberg and Phillip Marshall for the very latest.
"Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn said Auburn's four scholarship quarterbacks were "pretty equal" on the first day of practice. He said junior Kiehl Frazier and sophomore Jonathan Wallace got all the snaps the first half of practice, with..." | Notebook
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"The No. 1 offensive line appeared to be the same as at the end of spring practice - sophomore Greg Robinson at left tackle, redshirt freshman Alex Kozan at left guard, junior Reese Dismukes at center, junior Chad Slade at right guard and..." | Notebook
We have some quick Facebook pics and a photo gallery from this afternoon's action. Complete multimedia links are on the right.
Quick Facebook Pics
Check out this pic from Todd Van Emst of Coach Malzahn addressing his team in the first official meeting of the 2013 preseason. The Tigers reported today in Auburn:
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Video  Video: Tigers Excited to Start Preseason Practice
Extensive coverage of Auburn football here on the official site of the Tigers. The Auburn Athletics Department will provide fans a behind-the-scenes look as Coach Malzahn and his staff hit the field for preseason ball. In addition to, join us on Auburn's official social media platforms:
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