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Auburn Men's Basketball Diary Day 6

Cancun Trip Diary Update

Monday, Aug. 13

Junior guard Drew Smith

"It has been a fun, exciting but long week. I think most of the guys slept in today. I woke up at 10:30 and started packing everything up. We then took our luggage to the lobby and everyone made their last rounds of hanging out with our Cancun friends and say their goodbyes. I want to say goodbye to Amber, Sam, Jenna and Tracey, the Iowa girls, and tell them good luck on their upcoming softball season at Wayne State.

"After we ate lunch at the hotel, we left for the airport. It was a lot quicker at the airport than when we came into Mexico. It was a lot easier getting out. We waited around for awhile for our flight and got something to eat.

"We then took the two-hour flight to Atlanta. When we got to Atlanta and went through customs, I had a little trouble. For some reason there may have been a Drew Smith or someone who looked like me on America's Most Wanted. I helped DeWayne get through because he was on crutches. They were not letting me through. The supervisor had to come over to the guy checking me in, and the one checking me in told the supervisor ... 'It's not an exact match but I can't clear him.'. They wouldn't tell me what was going on, but obviously something was not good. So, I had some bad luck there. The supervisor then gave me the ok to enter the U.S.

"M.att Heramb then took DeWayne in his wheel chair. Coach Bartley was waiting for me to get through all of this but they told him he couldn't wait and to go down the escalator to the next customs check. I finally got through.

"We then all had to send all of our bags through screening again and pick them up at the regular baggage claim like everyone does in Atlanta. It took us the same amount of time to fly from Cancun to Atlanta (2 hours) as it did to get from our plane in Atlanta to our bus waiting for us outside the airport.

"As good as the trip was, it is good to be back. We arrived back in Auburn at 10:30 pm."



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