Auburn Basketball's Rob Chubb & Noel Johnson Graduate
Noel Johnson

Noel Johnson

May 14, 2013

AUBURN - Auburn Basketball's Rob Chubb and Noel Johnson graduated from Auburn University this spring semester with degrees in Business Administration and Public Administration, respectively. The duo joined teammates Frankie Sullivan and Josh Wallace, who had already graduated.

"Graduation to me was a huge accomplishment," said Chubb. "It was definitely the biggest accomplishment I have had in my life. It was a dream of my parents to have both of their children graduate and let alone, both of their children graduate with full-ride athletic accomplishments. It was a good feeling to make my parents proud. They were just ecstatic how far all of us have come as individuals and how close it has made us as family members. "

Chubb's sister, Elyse, who played volleyball at College of Charleston, graduated last May.

"The fact now that my sister and I have both graduated is a huge weight off my parents' shoulders," continued Chubb. "They keep telling me how proud they are of me and the family and how we have progressed. When I walked across the stage, I could hear my parents screaming from the upper deck of the arena. It was a great feeling. I am really self-satisfied to be able to walk and to graduate on time."

Chubb ranked ninth in the SEC averaging 6.6 rebounds this season while averaging 8.8 ppg. He had five career double-doubles, including back-to-back with 16 points and 10 rebounds at South Carolina and 12 points and 11 rebounds at Arkansas this season.

"I am extremely proud of Rob and Noel for what they have accomplished at Auburn University and for them graduating," said head coach Tony Barbee. "It takes a big commitment to be a student-athlete, and that definitely prepares you for the future. I wish both of them good luck as they begin their careers."



Chubb graduated in four years with his Business Administration degree balancing academics and basketball.

"When it comes to Auburn's Business school, it is on a whole another level," Chubb said. "I knew getting a business degree from Auburn was going to be well worth the struggle. A couple of classes came down to the wire, and I had to make that extra hard push at the end.

"Most of the early semester of school, I missed several classes because of travel with the basketball team, and it made balancing it pretty difficult. It is a very good feeling to know that I have finally accomplished it. Through the hardships of having to balance basketball and academics, it has made it that much more satisfying in the end."

The Peachtree City, Ga., native is going to continue his career pursuing a professional basketball career overseas.

"I am going to Huntsville to see my agent who has contacts in Germany and Italy," Chubb said. "I am going to be training this summer. I have a weight-lifting, strength and acceleration coach and a basketball skills coach, and I am just going to be working out over there and hopefully get on a team in Europe."

Six Tigers have graduated under Coach Tony Barbee with Sullivan on Dec. 12, 2011, along with Kenny Gabriel, Adrian Forbes and Tony Nesymith last year. Josh Wallace will graduate in Civil Engineering in August while Dylan Spencer will graduate in International Business in December.