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Post game quotes

Dec. 22, 2006

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Texas A&M 87, Auburn 58

Friday, December 22, 2006


Auburn Coach Jeff Lebo


"Acie Law is as good a scorer as I have seen in a while. I thought that he was terrific tonight. He ran their team. We shot poorly. We didn't get anything in the paint because they didn't guard our big guys all the way from the perimeter. They dared Quan (Prowell) to shoot it and they dared Josh (Dollard) to shoot it. They are pretty good three point shooters. When you go 6-of-16 against them, you aren't going to win. We were not very good tonight. They dominated us inside with their strength. Acie Law was the difference in the game. He is good. We didn't have any answers for him. They were better tonight than anyone we've faced."




On inside game...

"They didn't guard us. When they don't guard us, it is hard to get in there because they packed it in on us. They had 42 in the paint and we had 12. They were daring us to shoot it. They were big and we just couldn't get in there to make anything happen. I think that Josh (Dollard) is a pretty good outside shooter and he was 0-for-6. We shot so poorly to start with and they go in our heads. We didn't know what to do at that point. That was a little immaturity on our part. We knew that we weren't going to outscore them in the post because of their size. They really hurt us in there. Their big guys were much stronger and bigger in person than on tape."


On first half...

"We missed a lot of shots. It's hard to get your movement going offensively when they aren't guarding certain people out there. They packed it in so people would shoot the ball. We had some wide open looks but couldn't get them to go. You can't win shooting 18 percent and 33 percent. Defensively, they wore us down physically. Law beat us off the bounce whenever he wanted. He is a good decision maker and scorer. He is a good enough shooter to keep you honest. He is a pro in my opinion. We couldn't keep him up front. He did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted."


On Quan Prowell...

"He's got to get back in shape and get consistent. I think that he can score for us, so that should help us. I don't think that anyone played particularly well."


Forward Korvotney Barber


On the physical nature of the game...

"It was a lot more physical than any of the other games we played other than the Pittsburgh game.  I think they were more physical than Pitt, really."


On Auburn wanting to get the ball inside...

"We did, but they (Texas A&M) were playing so far back off of our perimeter players, they (our perimeter players) had to shoot the ball.  We really couldn't get a lot of touches on the inside."


On Auburn being 0-for-13 in threes in the first half...

"I don't know when the last time we shot like that.  We had an off night tonight.  Texas A&M came to play with their "A" game.  They were the better team tonight."


On Auburn's frustration...

"It hurts real bad to lose by 30 at home in front of your fans.  We just have to get better and get stronger in the weight room and work on our game over the break."


Guard Frank Tolbert


On Auburn's frustration...

"It's frustrating because we just didn't come out with the fire that we usually have."


On Auburn's poor shooting early in the game...

"You are going to miss shots and you are going to make shots.  It didn't take anything out of us.  Whenever we get the opportunities, we just have to knock them down.  That's on our part right there.  Coach puts the offense in.  We just have to get in the gym and put the shots up and make them in the game."


On Texas A&M's defense...

"Like coach said, they were sagging off of our forwards from the outside.  It was making it difficult to get the ball inside.  Once we did get it inside they were just sagging so far off that the post men can't make a move."


Texas A&M Quotes


Head Coach Billy Gillispie


On the game...

"It was a great win for us. It's a great win because it was against a really good basketball team. It was one of those deals where it wasn't like they weren't getting the shots they normally shoot. They just weren't able to make them. We were able to make some shots and got some transition stuff and those kinds of things that led to some easy baskets. Coach (Lebo) has done a great job, and he has good players. They run great stuff and compete as hard as anybody. We were just fortunate that our shots were going in and theirs weren't."


On why they didn't pressure Auburn's guards...

"Well we have a great deal of respect for every player on their team, but they are so fast with the ball when they set that high ball screen that we didn't think we were physically able to cover those guys if we put pressure on Barber when he set the high screen and roll. We just tried to figure out how to guard them a little bit, so we stayed back on Barber. They still got what they wanted. They just missed some shots.


"We have a great deal of respect (for them). You have to pick your poison when you play against teams that really know what they're doing and what they're looking for. That's definitely the case with Auburn, because they use the high ball screen, so that forces us to help. Barber rolls and so you have to leave somebody open. Their big guys were missing shots early. They did what they needed to do based on what we did, and when the ball goes in, you look like you're the greatest thing since sliced bread. When it doesn't go in, you look like its going to be a tough night.


"It's one of those nights.  Their guys missed some shots and we made some shots. There wasn't a whole lot of fancy stuff going on, it was just that we made more shots than they did. They rebound hard. They defend hard. They do everything well. The ball just didn't go in for them tonight."


Texas A&M Guard Acie Law


On the game...

"It was a big win for us, coming to play an SEC team. It's tough on the road. We haven't been playing that good on the road. To come in here was a big win for us. I think that they just missed some shots on offense, and we got ahead. We just continued to press them and continued to go. We didn't want to let them back in it. Once they got behind--I don't what to say they quit or anything--it seemed like everything was going in our favor. A lot of things started going our way, and we made the plays to get the win."





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