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Post-Game Quotes

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Head Coach Jeff Lebo
Opening Statement
"I think we did a good job for the most part. You see the ability of James Florence when he gets by himself. He had 25, but I thought, for the most part we did a good job on them. They rely a lot on him. The first half especially we did a pretty good job, at least building a wall. In transition, we had a lot of buckets in transition. Fouled too much in the game. One of our goals was to keep them out of the one-and-one for the first 15 minutes of each half and never get them into the two-shot bonus. We gave them 20 points on fouls. Offensively we didn't shoot the ball very well and that hurt us. Defense won the game for us."

On turnovers...
"We have quick hands, but we still have some work to do defensively. We still have some limitations in there. I really was not anticipating this game playing this much man. We started in it, and we guarded pretty well man-man so we decided to stay in it. We get fatigued so much in it. When you get fatigued it is hard to make shots. We missed some easy ones too, now. Shaddean Aaron, he didn't score buckets, so we did a pretty good job, finally understanding the scouting report and making him put the ball in the floor and defend him there. "

On playing more zone in the future...
"We planned on doing it, and we plan on doing it in the future, mixing it in there in there in the future. We did play some zone, but not as much as I had anticipated because defensively they were struggling against the man. The guy that they were looking to score was just one guy and we thought we could guard him. We did a pretty good job, especially first half on him. We guarded them well enough first half on, so we decided to stay man-to-man."

On Quan Prowell..
"He took the ball to the bucket. He has an advantage with his quickness when he plays against another big guy. He had key offensive rebounds and stick backs for us in the second half. Our turnovers; we had 16 too many. And we are getting funky ones too. Like odd ones that takes the energy from you. Stuff that you don't see too often. Odd stuff that hurts your team. Our decision making at times needs to get better. Honestly, that team a week ago scored 90 points on Southern Cal. They beat Southern Cal by 20. They played Boston College nose-to-nose. They haven't played, they are coming off a long break, you can tell in this game. Or it was the atmosphere maybe."

On holding the ball with a lead...
"We didn't finish out right. We took some ill advised shots when we could really just hold it and run the clock a little bit. We have to Learn how to a little bit better, but we haven't been up like that lately, but we need to practice that more and I hope we are up like that so we have to practice that more. We didn't finish out the game like I would have liked. "

Auburn Players
Quan Prowell
On his comfort level...
Each game I get more and more comfortable. I am getting a lot more minutes and more numbers so there is no choice but to get comfortable when the game is going on. Every game I get more comfortable, I would think so.

On working well with Korvotney Barber...
"I think so. We have played together for a while, so we know what each other will do. I think that makes it easier for us on the court together. All of us really, but Vot and I, down low, we work well together."

Rasheem Barrett
On expecting a battle from Mercer...
"We watched films and they looked like a pretty good team. They played Boston College well. They are a pretty good team, but we played good defense to hold their offense. I think our defense won the game."

On shooting
"It was timing in the first half, I had wide open three pointers, and I missed two or three of them so I drove in. The bench coach told me I need to shoot with confidence and to keep shooting and it would come."

Mercer Quotes

Head Coach Mark Slonaker

On team's performance...
"I thought coming in we had a good chance to compete with Auburn. They really played outstanding defense on us in the first half. We are pretty good a dribble penetration but they really rode us out. They were tough. They shut down two of our key guys (Shaddean) Aaron and (Calvin) Henry. They could never get anything going, and I credit their perimeter defense. This was the best perimeter defense I have seen from Auburn all year after watching the tapes. These guys deserve the credit for how they after our perimeter guys."

On James Florence's performance...
"James, we thought would have to be the guy that would have to lead us in scoring. He gets great dribble penetration and gets to the free throw line a lot. It was important for us to get him going. He's been struggling a little bit from the three-point line all year. Tonight he got going and last week he got going a little better too. Hopefully, that will flow well for us as the season progresses. He's tough on any level for guys to try to stop this penetration especially the second half when he got to the rim a lot, get to the free throw line and hit some threes."

James Florence Sophomore Guard

On team's performance...
"I think we had one of the hardest offensive nights of the year. I think if we would have had a few more stops on defense then we would have been alright."

On individual performance...
"I haven't looked at anything yet, but I was just trying to get in rhythm after missing two weeks. It was hard especially against a good team like Auburn. We were struggling on offense, and if we were to lose a game, I would rather it be my responsibility. I take a lot of shots. It's within the offense, but as many as I take, I still have to do the best that I can do."

On Auburn's defense...
"They played well. They were really aggressive. We feel like we should have gotten more calls, but we can't depend on the refs to make or break the game."



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