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UAPB vs. Auburn Postgame Quotes

Dec. 5, 2010

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Auburn Locker Room

Head Coach Tony Barbee

On Rob Chubb being the shooter with the game on the line...
"Yes, if he'll go through the routine we've been working on. I told the guys after the last couple of games: `If you're shooting under 75 percent then you're going to shoot them how I want you to shoot them.' It's a different routine than some of these guys have shot. Before Chubb made the four in a row to finish, he was shooting two, and he went through his old routine, an old habit, because we haven't worked on it enough, and it's that quick free throw, and it almost broke the backboard. I yelled at him `Go through the routine we've been working on!' He slowed himself down, took some deep breaths, and made four in a row, huge ones. He's got great touch; he's got the ability to be the best free throw shooter and even jump shooter because he can shoot the ball. Being that way comes from confidence, and confidence comes through routine. When I saw him go to his routine, we were coming to him every single time. I knew they couldn't stop him, I knew they were going to foul him, and I knew he was going to make his free throws."

On the last play of the game...
"It worked out. What I drew up didn't work, but some of the greatest plays have come from broken plays. We had a broken play, some guys didn't know their job, didn't execute, or whatever and Tony [Neysmith] made a play, and Allen [Payne] made a play. Payne made a heck of a play to read that back-door. I had to burn those time-outs down the stretch, every possession, because when you have a young team you don't want to leave them in a situation where they don't truly know what's going on. That's why I burned all those time-outs down the stretch, so we know the in-bounds play, the out-of-bounds play, and the half-court play. And our guys did a heck of a job executing, and Chubb did a great job with his free-throws."

On sparse attendance at games...
"It's going to take time. I understand what it is, believe me I'm caught up in the football hype, that's why I was there last night in Atlanta cheering my head off. I don't have a voice today, because I was in the game going absolutely bonkers for that team. They're a special team, and they're fun to watch, and that's what we want to build here on the basketball side, but everybody understands it's going to take time and it's going to take patience. But we'll get there."

On coming back after being down seven points...
"It was huge because I had to find a combination that wasn't afraid, and the combination I had on the floor the last six-seven minutes of the game wasn't afraid. I'm not worried about egos, I really don't care --- mad, sad, I really don't care --- I'm going to play the guys that'll do all the little things necessary to win, and that's the group I had on the floor down the stretch and it's why we came back in those last four minutes."

41, Rob Chubb, C, So.

On free throws ...
"Coach took me this week after practice and basically said, `Your free throws are terrible. It's time to change. Me and you, let's go out there, shooting free throws.' So we went through about a hundred free throws, just teaching me a new routine, slowing myself down. It showed in the game. My old free throws were too quick. It was hard, but he taught me to slow it down and he's teaching me to slow my mind down while I play. It's helping me to focus and mature as a player. It's showing itself early, so I'm happy about that."

On the inbounds play at the end of the game...
"He drew up a play, and it was going a million miles an hour. The play was supposed to be where I screen down for Josh (Wallace). So Josh (Wallace) sprints down the court, and I was supposed to flip around and post up, and we were supposed to get it in. One thing led to another and it just broke apart. It was a heck of a play. Some of the best plays in basketball come out of broken plays."

On Arkansas-Pine Bluff expecting an upset ...
"We have had a struggling start, due to new coaching and young players. We're rebuilding, we're in the broken down stage right now. Of course everyone who comes in here wants to fight. We're an SEC team, and it's a chance for the little guy to knock out the big man. It's definitely their biggest game of the year. They're going to come in and give it their all, just so they can say that they beat an SEC team."

2, Allen Payne, F, Fr.

On thoughts during the last play...
"First of all, that dead ball is coming so slow. You think it's never going to get there. It's just a reaction. I'm not really thinking. I'm just reacting to the play. It was close enough to the rim that I could finish off the backboard, so that's what I tried to do."

On the importance of coming from behind to win...
"It's very important. As a young team, we need to figure out ways to win, and I think we decided to fight. We couldn't give up just because we were down. Four minutes is a long time. We just had to fight and pick it up on the defensive end, because the offense was coming the whole game. It was big for us because we are learning how to win as the season goes on."

On the importance of Josh and Rob...
"We need our post players. Sometimes we can get guard-dominant. A lot of it comes from the perimeter, but when you have it coming from the inside and the outside, it gets hard for them to guard."

Arkansas-Pine Bluff Locker Room

Head Coach George Ivory

"I thought we played pretty good. We made some mistakes that you can't make against a pretty good basketball team. You got to give Auburn credit. They came out and fought hard, and I think that is what fans want to see, a good basketball game. Looking at the stats, it was a pretty good game. We just have to go back to the drawing board and get some more rebounds at the key times."

On playing a tough schedule....
"When you play against some of the best teams in the country, you think that you want to learn some of your weaknesses and some of the things that make you lose those games. You go back to your conference (games) and you take the things you want to correct from those big games. That is what we look at from our conference when we play tough competition every year."

On Arkansas-Pine Bluff's offense...
"The guys I can say have been playing on the road a lot and they are getting in sync, and they are playing together real good. It is the first time in a long time that we have gotten 21 assists, and that is pretty good. I think them sharing the ball is a good sign for a basketball team."

15 Allen Smith, G, Sr.

On his performance today...
"I played pretty good. I think I could have played defense a little better and helped out our defense, but I played pretty good. It's a team game, you know--it's not all about my performance."

On preparing for their next game, and what they could have done better...
"We just missed a couple of box-outs and a couple of defensive assignments. But we're going to be okay. Just work on that, get down and play hard tough defense. We played a good game though, but just box-out and play tough defense."



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