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Jacksonville vs. Auburn Postgame Quotes

Nov. 27, 2010

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Auburn Locker Room

Head Coach Tony Barbee

On the lack of offense tonight...
"You might as well put that in every column you write. I've said that from day one, we're going to be an offensively challenged team. It is what it is. We have to, as we get guys coming along and playing at a higher level, Earnest (Ross) for example, is playing at a high level, offensively. I think (Rob) Chubb's confidence is starting to grow. Each game you see him starting to do some things that he wasn't comfortable doing early in the year. But we have to have some other guys, too. We're not strong enough as an offensive team to have guys disappear and not be productive. Kenny (Gabriel) comes to mind, Andre (Malone) comes to mind. We have to get some production out of those guys offensively because they're two of our better offensive players. With that being said, when you're playing with a team that on most nights is probably going to be out-talented, the other team tonight, Jacksonville, was obviously more athletic and quicker and faster than we were, you have to do the little things. You have to win the battle of the loose balls, the loose rebounds and all those things. I thought that was the difference in the game tonight. We were sloppy with the ball, way too many turnovers, we made some bad decisions against their press. With all that being said, it was a two-possession game under four minutes, and we got a point-blank lay-up with nobody near us and we missed it. Then they take advantage and they go down and score, so all of a sudden a two-possession game goes to three, we miss again, it goes to four. With that little of time, with as offensively challenged as we are, it makes it difficult. But again, I'll just keep saying it, we're young, we're inexperience, and all of these games, the guys are continuing to grow. Obviously not as fast as I would like them to grow, but it is what it is."

On letting the losses affect the team's growth down the road...
"No, because look at these guys. This is Rob Chubb's fifth basketball game at this level where he has played at this level. They're having fun. Now at the end of the day what's really fun is winning. But they're having fun because they're getting the opportunity to compete at this level for the first time. They're doing everything I'm asking them to do. They're playing hard, they're competing. We just have, again, a small margin of error, so we have to win the battle of the little things. There was a loose ball on the floor; they're diving, we're reaching over to pick it up. There's a ball that gets deflected in the last three minutes when the game was still in the balance, and we deflect it and the ball is hanging in the air and we have a guy two steps from that ball and instead of reacting and going and getting the ball, we watched it as they reacted and went and got it. We have to win the battle of the little things because we're not good enough to not do those small things. But it is what it is. The guys are growing, they're learning, they're frustrated, I'm frustrated from losing. But at the same time, it's why I'm here to try to change the attitude of expecting something bad to happen, to something good happening, and we're not quite there yet."

33 Earnest Ross, G, So.

On the loss ...
"This not a step backwards. I would call it a learning process. We practiced real hard this weekend. We came prepared. They out played us, and we did not have the heart to finish off the game and come out with the win. Every day in practice we compete, and we are going to continue to get better. Coach Barbee is going to continue to push us. Hopefully we can continue to work hard and come out with some wins."

On improving shooting as a team ...
"This is something that I think individually you have to come in to the gym late at night and work on it. There is nothing that Coach Barbee can teach us. It is just something that you have to do on your own, then in the game you have to show that you have been practicing and knock down shoots."

On Jacksonville's defense ...
"The press that they ran caused some turnovers, and the teams that we will play are going to press us a lot, so we are going to have to get used to it and learn how to handle it. We have to learn to break them and get some easy points."

On gaining consistence on offense ...
"We have to just step up and knock down some shots. Some of us were a bit nervous, but when the time comes we have to knock down shoots. The main thing is you have to be ready to play, so when the time comes you need to be able to make baskets."

Jacksonville Locker Room

Head Coach Cliff Warren

On Keith McDougald...
"I thought he was overdue to make some shots. He is one of our better shooters, but he is a freshman. He's never played in an environment like this. He was big tonight."

On play in the paint...
"I thought we were just active. We got some deflections and key stops. We talked about that before the game started. Auburn gets 40 rebounds a game. We would have to match that intensity."

On containing Earnest Ross...
"He is a very talented player. He got a lot of open looks tonight. Auburn has some talent. We just wanted to make sure we kept them off the glass."

1 Travis Cohn, G., Sr.

On containing Auburn's offense...
"We came out in the second half and just wanted to have a lot of intensity. We were only up a couple of points and we were mad at ourselves because we thought we should have been up more, granted that they are an SEC school, but we didn't pay that any mind. We came here to win, and that is what we did. "

On playing at home...
"It is always great to play at home in front of your family, but I think it is more important that I played with my team. Our team was together. I had my family in the stands, the team had their family in the stands, we were just all together. It was a great Thanksgiving, you couldn't ask for anything better, and we beat an SEC school."



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