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Post game quotes

Jan. 23, 2007

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Auburn Quotes

Auburn 81, #12 Alabama 57

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Head Coach Jeff Lebo


"I thought our defensive effort in the second half was as good as it has been all year.  Offensively, we executed so well in the second half.  I thought our quickness bothered them.  It was a great win, a terrific win and a deserving win.  We played as well as we can play in the second half.  It was fun to watch if you were an Auburn fun.


"I told the guys we took a step into the pond with the win over Tennessee.  We wanted to jump in up to our chins.  It felt pretty good when we stepped in, so we might as well try to get number two, and go ahead and dive in.  We dove in tonight.  It was a great team win.  Our energy was terrific the entire game.  A lot of that had to do with our fans and especially our students.  They were phenomenal coming out to the game.  They got here about 6:30 running in.  We haven't seen that before.  It gave a lot of energy to our kids.  It was a big help for us to win this game."


If Auburn was expecting a blowout considering Alabama's road woes...

"No.  We have been close here twice against them.  They are a good basketball team.  In the second half, they couldn't get in any kind of a rhythm and didn't shoot the ball particularly well.  One of the big keys, I thought, in the game was Rasheem Barrett with Alonzo Gee and his offensive rebounds.  Alonzo Gee, I think, is a terrific offensive rebounder, one of the best in the country.  He only had two, which was big.  (Jermareo) Davidson hurt us in the first half.  In the second half, I think he only had two.  We did a pretty good job on him, much better, in the second half."


On Frank Tolbert...

"We brought Frank (Tolbert) in off the bench this game because of his poor defensive effort against Mississippi State.  He gave us a big lift.  He is one of the few guys that we have who really understands this rivalry.  He's been around for a while and is from the state of Alabama.  He was crucial tonight in this game.


"We'll take a zero-zero for him every night, no assists, no turnovers.  He shot the ball well for us tonight.  His decision making has been better.  At times, it reverts back.  We had 22 assists and only 13 turnovers in the game.  They had six assists in the game with 17 (turnovers).  We shot the ball well, too.  We got high percentage shots for the most part.  We executed pretty well the last seven minutes of the game."


On Auburn's trap...

"We did a lot of trap into the ball screens.  We were frustrating a lot.  In every position, I thought we had a quickness advantage.  We played one possession, I think, of zone in this game.  Our quickness and our aggressiveness, I thought, was big in this game.  They couldn't get into anything, I think, offensively, real easy."



On Auburn's transition offense...

"We wanted to push the ball.  We wanted to get the subs in the game.  We had a little advantage there. We can run the ball and use our speed, make (Richard) Hendrix and Davidson run.  They were playing a lot of minutes.  We wanted to get in the transition game with them.  To do that, you have to get some stops, which we did.  We got some easy baskets.  We had some turnovers, which we knew we were going to have if we pushed the basketball.  That's the way we wanted to play this particular game."


On Quan Prowell

"He has some athletic ability.  He is a hard mathcup.  They had to play a lot smaller than they usually do with Hendrix in foul trouble.  Quan plays more at the small forward.  With Hendrix and Davidson, someone is going to have to play.  We played three bigs to start.  We wanted to put a little size on Gee to keep him off the glass a little bit.  He is a tough matchup because he can put it on the floor.  He's a good passer.  You have to defend him from the three-point line also.  That is a hard matchup for a lot of teams to make."


Junior Guard Frank Tolbert


On the game...

"It's big. I've been waiting two years for this. We lost to Alabama four times in a row. It's big, not only because it's Alabama and a conference game, but because they were ranked. We finally did it. We have been working so hard and it is finally starting to show and pay off. The win gives us more confidence. This is the biggest win for me this season."


On the defense...

"We executed our defensive scheme tonight. We were trying to make it hard for them to get into their set. We executed our defensive scheme pretty good, I wouldn't say perfectly."


On second half...

"We kept our composure. At the end of the first half, we were rushing shots and taking bad shots. We came out in the second half saying that we were going to be patient, work the ball inside and out and tighten up our defense. We came out and executed that, so our lead started to grow."


On Florida...

"Florida is a good team. We are going to go back to work on Thursday and go hard to prepare for them."


On team...

"We have more experience this year. We don't have seniors, but we have sophomores and juniors that played the majority of last year. I feel that the experience of last year has grown to this year. We can just tell the freshman what to do and what not to do, and just bring them along."


Sophomore Forward Korvotney Barber


On game...

"The win means a lot. Alabama was picked to win the Western Division and were ranked. It is a big win for us. We feel like we could've played against anybody tonight. It is a big rival game and there was a packed crowd tonight. It was fun to come out to play those guys and beat them. I didn't think that we would win by that much, but I had a good feeling that we were going to win. We practiced hard and we were focused on the game."


On second half...

"We just had to calm down and talk to each other. We had to tell each other to be patient on offense and to play good defense. We made good shots and played good defense and got the victory."


Sophomore Forward Josh Dollard


On the win...

"I can't even explain the feeling. Like Coach said, this is a big win for us. A lot of people doubted that we could beat Alabama. They thought that the Tennessee game was just a fluke. Alabama is a very good team. We came out knowing that we had home court advantage and that we had to do a job, beat Alabama. We needed to beat them, not only because they are our rival, but to boost our confidence and get the critics off of us. We came to play. We have to give credit to Alabama. They are a good team. They came in and played hard. We just did what we needed to do."  


Alabama Quotes


Alabama Head Coach Mark Gottfried


Opening statement...

"Well, I'm disappointed. We are not playing great basketball right now, and we know that. We have to find some answers. I thought in the first half we competed hard and did a lot of things really well. In the second half, we had defensive breakdowns one after another. We had some open shots that didn't go in that would have helped us along the way, and we had way too many turnovers. They (Auburn) were very aggressive, blocking a lot of shots around the basket."


On Richard Hendrix getting into foul trouble...

"Richard has got to learn how to play without fouling. We went to Arkansas and it was the same thing. Tonight we had a great player sitting on the bench the whole time. We have to be smart with how we play. We have to find ways to correct it or we have to find somebody else to play."  


On Auburn going inside...

"They had a ton of baskets in the paint. Our defense was pathetic around the basket. We have to regroup defensively and get ourselves reorganized. We're not playing right now with the level of zip and energy and togetherness that we had early on in the season."


Junior Guard Ronald Steele


On the game...

"In the first half, we felt like we did a good job on defense.  They made a few good shots, but we were able to keep our composure.  During the second half, we lost our principles.  They got into a groove and you can't let a team like Auburn get into a groove like that.  We didn't do a good job stopping the run early in the second half."


On his offense game...

"I think I'm getting better every game.  It doesn't matter tonight, because of the defense they were playing.  They were playing aggressive and denying us our passes.  It kind of limited our inside game.  We still had to get the ball inside, but it was through penetration this game."


Senior Forward Jermareo Davidson


On ending Alabama's previous winning streak against Auburn...

"It's tough on me.  After four years, they finally got me.  They played a good game tonight.  They looked like a totally new team to me."


On Auburn's inside game...

"There were some pretty good guys down there.   We just fell asleep sometimes on defense.  It was a matter of talking through the plays.  We switched, but we didn't switch enough to protect the basket."


Sophomore Forward Alonzo Gee


On playing on the road...

"In the SEC, it's tough on the road.  It's tough everywhere.  You just have to come out every night and play hard.  They outplayed us tonight."




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