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Post Game Quotes

Jan. 11, 2012

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Quoting Auburn Head Coach Tony Barbee

On seeing more nastiness and toughness that he had wanted...

"I think we figured some things out tonight. Now, can we take the next step? I am disappointed in the loss. The guys fought their tails off tonight. We have to take this and expound on it and go to the next level. I found a style that I think is going to work for this team. It is very similar to last year. It is to shorten the games and grind it out. We are still working on finding those catalysts, who when it is time to make those plays in the last five minutes in the game that we make them. They have them, and they made them. We don't, and we didn't. "

On maxing out the role players like Adrian Forbes and Josh Wallace...

"Those guys typically play better at home, and that is why you have to find those catalysts at home or away, so that when it is crunch time, that is when they perform. When it matters, those catalysts perform. We haven't quite figured out who that is going to be for us."

On what he called upon his team to do after the last two games...

"The guys have been competing hard at practice, so it was just a matter of turning it into a performance. We did that tonight. We changed a little bit of the style of how we have to play, so that was a big chance too. We had to grind it out a little bit more, and that is the type of team we have to be."

On having a high rebounding margin...

"It was our zone. The zone kept them away from the basket. Typically in a man defense, their 3, 4, and 5 are all around the basket. It is what he (Coach Calipari) has always done. When the shot goes up, they just go play volleyball with it. Against the zone, they had four guys around the perimeter and one guy in the paint, so it made it easier for us to get the defensive rebound."

On out-scrapping Kentucky...

"For the first three quarters of the game, but obviously that isn't good enough against a team like Kentucky."

On this game being a step forward...

"It is a positive step. There are a lot of positives we will take from this. We have to go to the next level. Losing isn't good enough for me."

On what we will see from the team moving forward...

"Hopefully closer games and more wins."

On Rob Chubb attacking Anthony Davis in the post...

"Good question. I would like to know too. Chubb was aggressive and physical. Davis is a great shot blocker, a lot like (Marcus) Camby. When he has a big, physical center on him like Rob, then it is hard for him to create that space to then time the shot to get the block. We thought we could take advantage of that. I knew that they weren't going to double down on Rob. I knew he would have some one-on-one looks down there. In the second half, who knew what happened. I would like to know what happened. He didn't score a field goal in the second half."

Auburn Player Quotes

Chris Denson, So., G

On the last couple of minutes of the game... "Like Coach said, Kentucky is a good team and they came knocking down shots. They hit those last two clutch threes, and I think that's what happened. They made shots down the stretch and we didn't."

On their mindset going into the game... "Coach told us we just had to pick it up. We feel so comfortable at home and the atmosphere was so rowdy. The intensity was there more than the last two away games we just had, and it all showed up tonight."

On defense being an area of focus for him... "Yes, that's a big focus for me. Coach (Tony Barbee) says all the time I don't have the intensity on defense like I do on offense. He said I'm so aggressive on offense, I need to be aggressive on defense, so that's a big focus for me. I'm still working on it."

Rob Chubb, Jr., C

On the outcome of the game... "The effort collapsed the last three and a half minutes of the game. We were in it, we were on them, and they didn't know how to handle us at first. Then they came out really strong with a couple of quick fouls and started getting into our heads a little. We just needed to finish the game out, and it would have started leaning more towards our way."

On his success in the first half against Anthony Davis... "I knew he was long. He's a shot blocker and all that, but he's not going to block my shot if I have my body on him. I have about 30 pounds on him so it was just "dribble dribble and get him under the basket," so it was working there for a little while."

On where his aggressiveness went during the end of the second half... "After the first couple of points started happening, other offensive players started getting it and they started moving into their groove. They didn't look down low as much, and I didn't make myself as available as I did in the first couple of minutes. Then that double team kind of threw me off in the last 15, so we were just trying to figure out something else."

On their mindset going into the game... "On our away games, we came out placid and aloof going through the motions, and the intensity is what gets us going. Early points get us going and once we get rolling, we're hard to stop. The thing is in the away games we weren't comfortable and as Chris is saying it was hard when defensive pressure wasn't on him, and they were just making easy shots and started sliding down backwards."

On their progress... "Moral victories only get you so far, but it shows the direction we need to be moving. We did take a big step today forward. The last two away games, we completely dropped the ball. We just weren't playing or being aggressive and this game. We showed ourselves what we could do. Hanging to two points with five points left with the No. 2 team in the nation, that's saying something, and the fact that it took us this game and the two losses to realize it is just immature as a team, but we'll pick it up."

Quoting Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari


On Auburn taking the initiative on 50-50 balls and rebounding…


“At one point, I looked at the staff and said, ‘This has nothing to do with Xs and Os, boys. We could be going down.’ That was probably with about 10 minutes to go that I said that to my staff. Then we stepped up. I said to my staff, ‘Are we going to have an easy game this year? Any? Or are they all going to be like this?’ They’re all going to be like this. I might as well accept that. And the other thing is, enjoy it. Enjoy that this is how the games are going to be. You have to give Tony (Barbee) credit. He had an unbelievable game plan. He always has. Every time I’ve coached against him, he’s come up with things that he was doing to exploit us and to give his team a chance to win, and he did it again today. We went on the run at the end, but you all know this was a couple bucket game, and they could have easily beat us. If I were going to lose, losing to Tony would’ve been one of those games I would have walked away and said, ‘You know, I’m glad he won.’ I hate to lose, but I want him to do well.”


On if his message was delivered to the young guys about road games being hard…


“Yeah, but they beat Terrance (Jones) to balls. They beat Darius (Miller) to balls. They beat Marquis (Teague) to balls. They beat Doron (Lamb) to balls. They beat us all to balls. Michael had one rebound. Michael (Kidd-)Gilchrist had one rebound until the last part of the game. They wanted it worse than we did. They played with a desire that we didn’t have. I’m telling you, if we don’t understand going in that we have to go and just from start to finish play like a team that’s on a mission, then we’re going to lose games because every team is going to give us their best shot. I did like how we executed down the stretch, except for one play where Doron broke off a play. I told him it’s like in a football game if you decide as a running back that you’re going to go the other way, how about the other 10 of us? How about saying something to us? It’s the same thing in basketball. If we’re running something, you can’t just go and do what you want to do, and that was with I think five minutes to go where I most ran across court to try and grab him, but you guys are getting crazy when people drop chairs and touch people so I didn’t want to do it. Then down the stretch, I think when you demand it, they do it. If you accept that they’re going to just do what they’re going to do, they’ll just keep doing it. I thought we had a great finish to the game, and I’m proud of the guys. We made our free throws. We made the 3 coming out of that timeout, which was a big play and Marquis Teague read it. We were either going lob or 3. That’s what we were doing, one of the two. He executed it right down, and bang, gives Darius that 3. Darius made it. That play at the end of the half was unbelievable execution. We’ve run that thing in a scripted way I’m guessing 50 times. I walked in at halftime, and I said, ‘That’s why we script that ending. 3.9 seconds.’ He may not have made it, but he got a great shot. There was no craziness. He got a good look.”


On the decision not to start Doron Lamb…


“I need to shake some of these guys up. I want them to play better. If I don’t think a guy’s playing where he needs to play, I’ll put him on the bench. The hard thing is, normally the bench is my best friend. The problem with this team is I’m playing seven, eight guys, it’s a little harder to do that. Marquis lost his mind for a 20 second spread where he hit the kid. What are you doing? The kid went into a back-and-forth with him. You don’t respond to that because you care more about your team than how you feel, but he doesn’t know. He’s a freshman. He’s in his 17th college game. If I’d have had more guys, I probably would’ve sat him longer than I did.”


On what he learned from the game…


“We were ready to play. We played. They played better. We played.”


On what he learned in the last 10 minutes about the team…


“We still have a ways to go. It’s a good road win, and I would say that the fans from Auburn, is that one of their best games? Their best performances like by far? You won’t believe that because we hear that from every team that plays us. That’s what they’ll say. South Carolina said it. Little Rock said it. It doesn’t matter who we play. That’s what I’m trying to explain to these players. We’re going to Tennessee this weekend. They will play better than they played against Florida. They will. It’s just how it is.”


On not playing well against Auburn’s zone defense…


“We did OK. I’ll watch the tape, and I’ll check it out. I thought they did a good job of what they were doing and who they left open, but I’ll watch the tape. We did some good stuff too. We missed a lot of shots. We missed a lot of bunnies that you have to make. Those four or five one-footers, when you miss them, your percentage goes down. The zone looks better. From the 3-point line, we don’t usually take that many, 20. We made them at the end. We were 2-for-whatever, 3-for-whatever until the end of the game when we made two or three in a row. We are what we are right now. We’re fighting to get better. We’re playing game-to-game to improve practice-to-practice to get better, and  we want to win every game obviously, but we’re going to lose games, but then we’ll learn and step up and be better.”


On playing better down the stretch and Anthony Davis contributing…


“Anthony’s not our issue. Anthony did fine, but they were very physical with him, and he still got tip-ins, which was incredible.”


On his relationship with Tony Barbee and his impression of how he’s done so far at Auburn…


“I can still remember going into his house in Indiana, and I just grabbed his mom and gave her a hug out there, Linda. I can remember his freshman year when we started getting it going. We’re in the conference tournament never to have won a game at that point, and we had to get it in with four seconds to go to somebody who could make free throws, and I wanted him because I knew he had courage. I knew he had skill, and he made it. I will tell you he’s one of the most hard-headed players I’ve ever coached. If he did something crazy, he would run down the other side of the floor away from me so he wouldn’t have to hear me. But a competitor. One of the leading scorers in the history of the school, and kind of like Michael (Kidd-)Gilchrist, I didn’t run a whole lot of stuff for him. He just went and got it. I’m just proud of him. Again, I just hate this game. I’m so happy it’s over, and I’m hoping we don’t see each other in the tournament. I hope he wins every game. He’s building the building blocks of what he wants, and we have to play each other once a year. Hopefully that’s it. Again, if we had lost, I would have been ecstatic for him. He knows it.”


On what the challenge was for Coach Barbee coming off two tough losses…


“If you watch the two games, Florida State and Vanderbilt played out of their minds. They would have beaten us on those games. If we had gone to Vanderbilt and played, we’d have lost. If we’d have gone to Florida State and played, we’d have lost. That’s how good those two teams played. Then to get his team to do this and have a chance to win, it shows. He’s a terrific coach. He’s a terrific recruiter. He’s not afraid to coach. He’s not afraid to teach. He has a great feel. If he played for a better college coach, he’d probably be further along right now. He’s somebody I care about and love.”

Quoting Kentucky Players


Forward Anthony Davis


On defending Rob Chubb…


“It was definitely tough. He’s a great ballplayer. He’s very physical and strong. I had to stay low and try to hold my position. They told me what he was going to be doing. He got to all his moves, and I tried to defend him as well as I can. He got some shots off, but Coach Cal just told me to make him shoot over me and not to foul. That’s what I tried to do.”


On outrebounding Auburn in the last 10 minutes…


“We just tried to be physical. It was a great battle inside. Both teams were really trying. They were really out-hustling us on the boards. We kind of struggling to get rebounds. At the end, we were just trying to get every rebound. We knew it really mattered and every possession counted.”



Guard Doron Lamb


On being able to close out the game…


“We just stuck together as a team and played together at the end of the game and ran our offense very well at the end of the game and executed.”


On the difference in the last 10 minutes of the game versus the previous 30…


“We just talked and said the plays out loud so everybody could hear them. It was very loud out there. We ran through our plays like Coach said. When we do that, good things happen for us. We made plays.”





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