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Post Game Quotes

Jan. 7, 2012

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Kenny Gabriel

On Vanderbilt's success: "They were just making shots. They were getting wide open looks, and we really just weren't playing defense. Whenever they got chances to make shots, they made them."

On Vanderbilt's defense: "We had a lot of open looks, we just missed them all. We have to get back to practice and keep working on defense. We have to make shots when we get a chance to."

On the feeling after this loss: "It's just disappointing, because we all know that we're better than what we're playing like right now. We just have to look in the mirror, realize we are where we are, and then just go out there and play every game tough."

On the early foul trouble: "It threw us off, because I know I have to be out on the court helping my team out. It is what it is."

On how to move forward: "We have to just look at the tape, see what we did wrong, and correct it. We need to not make the same mistakes over and over again."

Auburn Head Coach Tony Barbee

On the Loss to Vanderbilt:

"The bottom line is we did an awful job. Our talent level hasn't changed much from last year. The difference is I got last year's team to understand as a whole what they are collectively and individually and got them to play above what they were. On that note, I am doing an awful job with this team because I have to get them to understand that no matter if they are the most talented team in the country or the worst, the only thing that matters is how tough they play mentally and physically. This team is as soft as I have worked with, both collectively and individually."

"Our team needs to realize if you aren't the more talented team and you are soft as a team, you are going to get beat by 30 when you play a top 20 team with three or four NBA draft picks."



"We got punched in the mouth tonight and we went away. If a team is mentally and physically tough, they get punched in the mouth and respond. We are not responding... [The players] are not buying what I am selling, and that is on me. I have to do a better job. I have to get them to fight better and tougher."

On Auburn's Play this Season:

"Toughness is in the chest. It's not between the ears. We don't have a lot of tough guys on our team. To equalize this, we've got to play meaner, nastier, and tougher on the floor. I don't know what offense to design or draw up. We had guys with great looks and [they missed shots]. You don't win shooting 27% from the floor. I don't know what offense to draw up. We got good looks. We aren't playing tough on the floor."

"When you don't have a lot of tough guys, things can turn bad quickly. We've got to look in the mirror and say, `This is who I am' and then fight tougher."

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