Baseball Q&A: Michael Hurst
Michael Hurst

Feb. 18, 2010

Senior reliever Michael Hurst sat down with to answer some questions about his baseball career. How did you get the chance to walk on at Auburn?
Michael Hurst: "I walked on my freshman year back in the fall of 2005. My high school coach talked to Coach (Butch) Thompson who was the pitching coach here at the time, and he got me to come out for walk-on tryouts.

"I always wanted to play for Auburn. Since I was a kid I have been coming down to Auburn for football, basketball and baseball games. It was something I always wanted to do." As a senior, what do you see your role being on the team this year?
MH: "I'm a middle relief pitcher, but I look at it as far as I'm going to try and do whatever I can to help our team win because I think we have a great team. Whatever I can do to help us win, whether it's coming in the middle of the game or the end, I will." Is there someone that has had an impact on your baseball career?
MH: "My high school coach definitely helped me a lot. He along with my dad and grandfather I feel like have helped me get to the point to be able to play college baseball. They tried to instill in me to do my best and give it everything I've got." What has been the best part about having the opportunity to play at Auburn?
MH: "To me the best part about playing at Auburn has been the relationships I've built with different players and with coaches. Having those relationships and making them last throughout my lifetime is something that has been very important to me." What is something that you wish somebody would have told you or prepared you for before you stepped on campus as a freshman?
MH: "Definitely coming into my freshman year with school and baseball was kind of tough managing both. I just wish I would have had a better understanding that it was going to be hard. Now looking back I wish it was something somebody would have told me as far as how hard it would be." How did you develop the side arm pitching style that you have now?
MH: "The start of my junior year in high school my coach wanted somebody on the team to throw sidearm. He got about five or six guys to try it and I was one of the guys who tried it. I liked it and he told me that I would get to pitch more and that I would be able to help the team out doing that. Ever since then, I have just continued to throw side armed." Do you have any superstitions?
MH: "One superstition I have is jumping over the line and not touching it going out to the field. That has always been a thing I've done. I also usually say a prayer when I'm out there before I step on the mound." Do you write anything on the bill of your hat?
MH: "I usually have my high school coach, who passed away my senior year, both my grandfathers and my grandmother. I put their names on the bill." Did you have a favorite professional team and player growing up?
MH: "My favorite team growing up was the Atlanta Braves just because of being in the South and they're close to Birmingham where I'm from. My favorite player that I always used to watch was Ken Griffey Jr. because I loved how he played the game and how he was so professional."