Slade and Scott to Dance for Cancer Patients

Oct. 21, 2013

AUBURN, Ala. -- It was a sunny day on the green space on Auburn’s campus Wednesday afternoon. The sun was shining, music was blaring, and students were signing up for what they say is the greatest 12 hours of your life: Auburn University Dance Marathon.

The event kicked off with a crowd of students dancing, chatting, and lining up for the free pizza and water. Even Aubie was out and about mingling with students and encouraging others to come and sign-up for this rewarding event.

AUDM helps raise money for Children’s Miracle Network for Columbus Regional Hospital, and it informs citizens about a disease that impacts lives all over the world, and in our backyard of Auburn, Ala.

Student-athletes Chad Slade, an offensive lineman for Auburn, and Alyse Scott, a redshirt freshman for the women’s soccer team, were in attendance to share their personal experiences with Children’s Miracle Network, and their excitement for being a part of AUDM this year for the first time ever.

Chad will be dancing for a 6-year-old boy named Thomas Sullivan from Asheville, Ala. who recently passed away from brain cancer, and Alyse will be dancing for Scott Shockley, a 19-year-old boy who passed away this summer from Osteosarcoma, better known as bone cancer. The athletes expressed how big of an impact the lives of the ones they lost had upon them and how they want to share their stories with everyone in the Auburn community.

They are both very excited to raise awareness and money for treatment so that families will have the same support as Thomas and Scott. Chad and Alyse encourage everyone to attend the event.

Students, athletes and families will be coming together February 1, 2014 to dance with hopes of raising more money than last year’s total of $65,995. All of the money raised goes towards the Children’s Miracle Network at Columbus Regional Hospital. For more information, go to the Dance Marathon Website.