Former Auburn All-American Swimmer Bryce Hunt Joins International Downs Syndrome Board

AUBURNTIGERSDOTCOM Kent Sanderon, Jacob Halpin, Bryce Hunt, Mike Halpin
Kent Sanderon, Jacob Halpin, Bryce Hunt, Mike Halpin

July 25, 2006

Auburn, Ala. - Olympian Bryce Hunt, a team captain for the 2004 NCAA Championship Auburn swimming & diving team, joined fellow Olympian Rowdy Gaines and Tiger head coach David Marsh, on the Downs Syndrome International Swimming Organization, (DSISO) Team-USA Advisory Board.

Bryce accompanied DSISO Team-USA executive director, Mike Halpin, DSISO multiple world record holder, Jacob Halphin, and DSISO Team-USA coach, Kent Sanderson for the 2006 National Downs Syndrome Congress convention held in Atlanta this past weekend. Their objective was to educate the Downs Syndrome community about the advantages of competitive age-group, masters, and high school swimming and recruit potential Team-USA DSISO team members.

"Swimming has given Jacob an entirely different life," M. Halpin said. "Competitive swimming has expanded his horizons far beyond what his life would have been. When the parents see Jacob's extensive photo albums and press-clippings prominently displayed, it should raise their expectation possibilities."

Hunt met Jacob several years ago during his multiple Auburn swim camp experiences. Their friendship was reinforced during an Olympic motivational retreat in Gulf Shores. Jacob's infectious smile and improving swimming abilities fascinated Hunt.

"Swimming has been very good to me and it has literally taken me all over the world," Hunt said. "Getting involved with the creation of DSISO's Team-USA allows me to give back."

For more information, please visit Jacob's web site at and the Downs Syndrome International Swimming Organization's web site at