Q&A With Hailey Foster
Hailey Foster

Feb. 23, 2006

by Fallon Brister

Q: Your name is associated with what rare natural phenomenon?
A: I was named after Hailey's Comet so people naturally nicknamed me Comet.

Q: Who prompted you to start running track?
A: I played baseball my senior year of high school and my friend Michael Miles, who now runs for Jacksonville State, ran track and he told me I should run track. He said that there would be more girls at the track meet than at the baseball game so I tried running and he was right. There were more girls at the track meet then at the baseball game. It all worked out, I ran, won state, got a scholarship from Auburn, and met a few girls.

Q: As a freshman, what advice would you give an incoming student-athlete about college life?
A: That's its not like high school; you've got to really study. You've got to stay focused and do well inside the classroom as well as on the track or on the field, in whatever sport they're in.

Q: What are your feelings about the upcoming SEC meet?
A: I just came off a hamstring injury so I'm just going to see what I can do. Hopefully I'll have a blessing from God and I'll do something big. Maybe I'll come in the top five. That would be nice, making it to the finals considering I just came off an injury.

Q: What are your expectations for the season?
A: I'd like to get my 100m time down to a 10.1 or a 10.2. I'd also like to make it to nationals outdoors.

Q: What would you say is the best thing about practice?
A: The best thing about practice is without a doubt the jokes. We're always joking with each other. The biggest jokers are Ty Akins, Reuben McCoy, Tavaris Washington and myself.

Q: Do you have any phobias?
A: I have one fear and that is losing my mother. We're really close so I don't know what I would do if something happened to her.

Q: If you had your own sitcom what would your theme music be and why?
A: My theme music would definitely be some slow R&B. Maybe Jamie Foxx Unpredictable because I'm unpredictable.

Q: What is the most challenging situation you've had to overcome?
A: I would have to say my asthma. When I was younger I had asthma real bad. I was always sick, was hospitalized about once a year, but I learned how to control it. I started to take my medicine as directed and whenever I was feeling sick, I would tell my mom right away rather than waiting till it was too late.

Q: If you had to make dinner for someone what would you cook?
A: I'm a good cook so I'd make collard greens with a little bit of fatback, cornbread, corn on the cob and fried pork chops.