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Q&A With Dan Periac
Dan Periac

Feb. 17, 2006

by Fallon Brister

Q: As a senior in high school you received a lot of prestigious honors for track and field. Which honor would you say meant the most to you and why?
A: Winning the New York state championship (in the 800m) outdoors because that was a major focus for the entire year. Winning it was really special.

Q: What do you hope to achieve by the close of this season?
A: I just want to improve on my time. I'd like to get it below 1:50 and just go from there. Also, I'd like to hopefully qualify for the Junior Olympics. If I did that, that would be a real big achievement

Q: Being from New York, what was the biggest culture shock about moving to the south?
A: There's so much; I would have to say the lack of tall buildings. The fact that you need a car to go everywhere, the accents, and just everything was a shock. It's really different.

Q: If you could meet any athlete in the world and ask them one question, who would it be, what would you ask them, and why?
A: I would like to meet Terrell Owens and I would ask him why he did the commercial with Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan. The commercial was so irrelevant to football.

Q: What would you say makes an athlete great?
A: Perseverance and confidence. I think you need both because you're always going to have hard times, but if you can just persevere through those hard times with confidence you'll be fine. I think that's what makes a great athlete; you'll be so much better after the fact.

Q: Other than track and field, what sport do you really enjoy playing and or watching?
A: I love playing basketball and since I'm from New York, I love watching the Giants and the Knicks play.

Q: Which holiday is your least favorite?
A: Valentine's Day because it's too girly. It makes you feel like you're obligated to do something special. I just don't like it. This year I spent Valentine's Day alone because my girlfriend goes to school in Florida. I didn't do anything special; we just talked on the phone.

Q: If you were stranded on a deserted island, which teammates would you want to be stranded with and why?
A: Hailey Foster, Gregory Rogers, Ty Akins, and Sam (Secord) because Ty and Hailey are probably the funniest on the team. Greg and Sam are just cool.

Q: If only you and three of your teammates could be rescued from this deserted island, who would you leave and why?
A: That's tough. I guess I'll leave Ty. No reason, just because I had to leave somebody. So I'd leave Ty. He's just the odd man out. Hailey and I are both freshmen. Sam and I are both distance runners and Ty's just the odd man out.

Q: As a child how did you spend your Saturday morning?
A: I would wake up way early. I'd wake up before everybody else, go down stairs, turn the TV on, and I'd watch all the cartoons. I'd watch Looney Tunes, Road Runner, and I'd just wait for my mom or dad to get up and cook me breakfast.



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