Student-Athlete Support

Sports Nutrition

Scott Sehnert

Scott is a registered dietician and exercise physiologist who works with all of Auburn's 21 sports teams to help maximize the training and recovery through planned nutritional efforts. Scott's emphasis includes:

  • Plan and design the new Wellness Kitchen Training Table (set to open Fall 2013) which will focus on freshly prepared food, lean proteins and will cater to many dietary restrictions.
  • Create team talks and educational seminars, including grocery store tours and cooking demonstrations.
  • Provide individual counseling to help focus on specific diets and body composition change.
  • Measure and track body composition, focusing on the changes throughout the preseason, in-season and postseason.
  • Work within NCAA rules to provide permissible supplements.

Sports Medicine

Janet Taylor

Taylor has served as the Athletic Trainer for the Auburn women's gymnastics team since 2005. She is responsible for all medical coverage for the team, which includes daily care, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. She communicates with the coaching staff, team physicians, psychologist, dietician and director of sports medicine regarding the gymnasts' health. She schedules all appointments and works to keep the athletes competing at a high level and returning to competition safely after an injury. Taylor also coordinates with the team dietician for nutritional assessments using the Bod Pod. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise and Sports Science-Athletic Training from the University of North Carolina and went on to get her master's in Sports Medicine at Georgia State.

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