Toomer's Corner

The center of town where the Auburn University campus meets the City of Auburn, Toomer's Corner, where College Street intersects Magnolia Avenue, has long been the gathering place for Auburn athletic celebrations. After any football win, and significant victories in other sports, Auburn students and citizens alike join forces to "roll" the trees (and anything else that doesn't move) at Toomer's Corner with toilet tissue. Celebrations after significant football victories can go on for hours and leave the heart of town looking like a blizzard passed through.

The corner is named after Sheldon Toomer, a halfback on Auburn's first football team. He opened a drugstore on one corner of the intersection and opened a bank on another.

On the university side of the intersection are two massive southern live oak trees planted more than a century ago. Whever something good happens in Auburn, this intersection immediately becomes a gathering place for members of the Auburn Family.

No one knows the real origins of this tradition, but it has become one of the most recognizable and is unique to Auburn.

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