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Jay Jacobs
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April 16, 2014

Dear Auburn Family,
Anticipation. Excitement. New possibilities. The gathering of family and friends. A show of support for our student-athletes. This is the spirit of A-Day. As a former player, A-Day is important to me and to our team.
It's a show of fan support for our current players and future recruits. It sets a tone and an expectation for the coming year. Here's what Coach Malzahn said about A-Day 2013, when we put over 80,000 people in the stands:
"I know that meant unbelievable amounts to our players and coaches. That's what really stood out to me. And it'll go a long way for the future, as far as our players, our coaches and recruiting."

This year, our A-Day game will be covered by ESPN and broadcast to a national audience. When their cameras pan the stadium, I want their viewers to see a packed house. I want to leave no doubt with future recruits and their families that we have the greatest fans in the country.

I'm asking you to attend A-Day 2014 if at all possible. Our baseball team will also be hosting the South Carolina Gamecocks at Plainsman Park, so it will be an exciting weekend.
One of our goals is to provide the best student-athlete experience in the country. As a family, supporting our athletes in all they do is an essential part of making their experience better than anyone else's.
A-Day Tickets are $5 for the general public and free for AU students. Tickets can be purchased online at AUBTIX.com. Saturday's baseball game is sold out. A limited number of tickets remain for the Friday and Sunday games. Baseball tickets are $8 and can also be purchased online at AUBTIX.com.
God Bless and War Eagle,
Jay Jacobs
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