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Between classes, practice, team meetings, and finding time to study, the lifestyle of a student-athlete creates challenges in meeting nutritional demands. At Auburn University, we believe nutrition has a direct effect in helping our athletes achieve their true potential. For sound nutrition information and guidance, Auburn Sports Medicine offers nutrition education and counseling.

Lauren Silvio and a team of sports dieticians coordinate sports nutrition services and work in conjunction with Auburn Athletics trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, and team coaching staffs, as well as other student services. The sports nutrition team works with all of Auburn's 21 teams to help maximize the training and recovery through planned nutritional efforts.

  • Participate in creation and planning of Wellness Kitchen menus
  • Conduct team talks and educational seminars, including grocery store tours and cooking demonstrations
  • Work within NCAA rules to provide permissible supplements and snacks
  • Utilize a nutrition app that allows student-athletes to manage meals at home and on the road
  • Provide individual counseling focused on performance based fueling and body composition change for health and performance
  • Measure and track body composition through use of The Bod Pod, focusing on changes throughout preseason, in-season, and postseason
  • Create individually packed snack bags for road trips
Auburn Logo Tiger Nutrition App

The Tiger Nutrition app is for Auburn student-athletes as well as students and fans with healthy food recommendations for restaurants in and around SEC towns. This app contains select menu items for a wide variety of restaurants chosen by Auburn Athletics sports nutrition department.

Auburn Sports Nutrition Staff
Name Position
Lauren Silvio Sports Dietitian
Stephanie Kolloff Graduate Assistant Sports Dietitian
Adee Levinstein Gatorade Sports Nutrition Intern
Mary Glenn Yort Intern Sports Dietitian
Bethany Pennock Intern Sports Dietitian
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