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From the Broadcast Booth with Rod Bramblett

Auburn Pride

Early in the week I thought this column would be my thoughts on what took place last Saturday at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Not the game itself but the reaction by what I'm sure was a minority of fans to Brandon Cox re-entering the game after the debut of freshman quarterback Kodi Burns. I thought I would be talking about how I didn't care if you were booing the coaches' decision or booing Brandon himself, it still wasn't right. I thought I would be reminding fans (a term I use loosely to those who were booing) how things were when coach Tuberville came to Auburn and how much success we've enjoyed since.

What changed my mind? A conversation with Latisha Durroh, who is the athletic department's Director of Community Relations and Spirit. She asked if I could mention on this week's Tiger Talk a new program sponsored by the athletic Department called "Auburn Pride". Of course, I said yes and she sent me some information. When I read it, I knew I needed to pass it along in this week's column.

The audience this program is intended for are student-athletes, coaches and athletics department staff and the supporters and population at large. The mission statement reads, "Auburn University is committed to sportsmanship among its coaches, student-athletes, staff and supporters. We believe that sportsmanship is playing fairly, acting respectfully toward others and promoting the interests and good name of Auburn University on and off the field of play." Chew on that for a little bit…read it again if necessary.

The full name of the program is "Auburn Pride: Competition, Tradition, The Moment, The Opponent" and they have a code for all of us connected with Auburn to follow:

Accountability-Be responsible for one's actions
Understanding-Work to obtain knowledge in and out of the classroom
Belief-Have confidence in myself and others, and be trustworthy
Unity-Show teamwork through service in the pursuit of development and victory
Respect-Have dignity and honor while being considerate to others
Nobility-Have integrity and a moral purpose to do no harm

I believe this is a terrific idea…an idea that was born long before this past Saturday's game. This program was actually launched back on August 20. After all, we are a family…an Auburn family. And while it probably sounds a little corny…Auburn is a special place for too many reasons to list here. This program is just one of them and very appropriate at this time.

So when you're at the game this Saturday, and any Auburn sporting event in the future, I ask you remember the mission and goals of this Auburn Pride program. I think it reinforces what we all know to be true. Despite the vocal minority last Saturday, we are the best and classiest fans in college athletics and we all "believe in Auburn and love it"!

Until next time, War Eagle and so long everybody!

Rod Bramblett

In 2007, Rod Bramblett enters his fifth season as the play-by-play voice for Tiger football and men's basketball. In 1998, Rod Bramblett began serving as the host for the Auburn Network's weekly call-in show Tiger Talk. In addition, Bramblett has been the voice of Auburn baseball since 1993. The Valley, Ala. native also serves as co-host on the Auburn Football Preview Show & host on the Auburn Football Review and the Auburn Basketball Review show. An Auburn graduate, Bramblett is Director of Broadcast Services for the Auburn Network, where he is responsible for coordination of the network's affiliate relations and audio production.

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