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July 27, 2016

Today we went through a dress rehearsal for Rio. We simulated what race day will be like. The early session, 2 p.m., we did our normal lift and swim, all with the knowledge that we were just preparing the body to go fast tonight.

This was like a prelim swim where we didn't invest to much emotional energy into what we were doing, but everything was still on point!

The night session we treated more like a semi-final or final event. The guys did a pre-meet warmup which consisted of around 1200m of getting the body and mind ready to race.

I give them about an hour to get this done and put their racing suits on. Then we get fully dressed as we would if we were waiting to race. Gloves, beanies, shoes and socks, all to raise the core temperature to keep the blood in the muscles.

Then I give them a 5-minute warning before its time to race. The electronic timing is set up for accuracy and cameras are placed in the water and above, enabling us to get full analysis of the racing. Then the whistle blows for the athlete to get up on the block.

Marcelo was first to go with a broken 100m swim, with 20sec rest at the 50. It was his best of the season!

Next was Bruno doing a full 50m race. His time... Let's just say we are both happy!

After the racing the boys had a cold tub full of ice for 10min and some easy swimming. Then they both hoped on a machine that helped reduce their core body temperature so that they could recover faster.


All up it was a successful day!

Tomorrow I'm going to take a different direction with the blog and post about the Brazilian culture and life in São Paulo. See you then!

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