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July 27, 2016

Today's theme: Recovery. Every swimmers dream to be honest. When you're in the thick of the season and the work is beating you down, you think these days will never come. However, it's an essential part of taper, where the body is recovering from months of training and overload. We don't just recover the body, but we must recover the mind! That's why we enjoy these days.

Women (and some men) go to the nail salon when they want to feel pampered. Well athletes, we get massage, and that's really just the tip of the iceberg. Let me take you through today's recovery day.


It started out with a lovely spread of fruits and breads for breakfast. Then it was off to the physiotherapist for cupping and normatec. Cupping is an ancient Chinese technique where you suck up the skin and fascia into a small cup, which is designed to suck all tension out of your muscles and helps them relax (pictured with Marcelo). Normatec is not so ancient, it's a modern form of leg massage that just about every professional athlete swears by these days. Highly recommended! (Pictured with Bruno).

We then went for a short walk for the day's first of many expresso's. The athletes only have one a day, not so for me.

After the walk we went to the pool for our only swim of the day. Today's workout comprised of a lot of slow swimming for about 45min. We finished it off with a 10min steam and 10min sauna. Another highly recommended activity if you're stressed!

We then had lunch and a 60 min nap. After that the boys had a 30 min massage with the team therapists, followed up by another short walk for another expresso.

Now we wait for dinner and a team talk with Gustavo Borges, a Brazilian Olympic legend. Personally I can't wait for this!

That was the day of recovering the body and mind. Tomorrow we will put our race suits on and get after it in practice.

War Eagle!


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