Auburn Soccer Complex

 Quick Facts
 Name  McWhorter Center
 Serves  Gymnastics & Softball
 Year Opened  2001
 Square Feet  44,000
The McWhorter Center for Women's Athletics officially opened its doors in January of 2001. The 44,000 square foot building is home to the Auburn University gymnastics team and the softball team.
A large portion of the building functions as the permanent practice facility for the Auburn gymnastics team. The center also includes a team room that contains a big screen TV and DVD player, and computers to accomodate any student athletes academic needs.
Chairs, tables and leather couches provide a great atmosphere for team meetings or just for hanging out. Coaches offices as well as training rooms make this facility the epicenter for both softball and gymnastics.
The gymnastics training facility occupies 14,770 square feet of the McWhorter Center. This training room was designed to give the Tigers everything they need to compete at the highest level. The training room includes:

Four vaulting areas
Four uneven bars
Two single bars (pit and strap)
A channel (trench) bar and trampoline bar station
Seven balance beams (resi and loose foam)
Two resi-pit tumbling strips
48' x 48' floor
40' in-ground Tumbl-Trak
44' rod floor into loose foam
An in-ground trampoline with resi and loose foam
4 DVR recording systems
Over 30 cardio stations

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