Academic and Other Support Services


An institution may finance academic and support services that the institution, at its discretion, determines to be appropriate and necessary for the academic success of its student-athlete, including but not limited to:

  • Tutoring expenses;
  • Drug-rehabilitation program expenses;
  • Counseling expenses related to the treatment of eating disorders;
  • On-campus student development and career counseling (including the provision of related materials of little or no commercial value to student-athletes) utilizing outside resources;
  • Future professional athletics career counseling from a panel of at least three persons appointed by the institution's chief executive officer (or his or her designated representative from outside the athletics department). Not more than one such panel member may be an athletics department staff member, and all other panel members must be selected by the institution from among its full-time employees who are employed outside the athletics department. All panel members shall be identified to the national office (see Bylaw 12.3.4);
  • Actual and necessary expenses to attend proceedings conducted by the institution, its athletics conference or the NCAA that relate to the student-athlete's eligibility to participate in intercollegiate athletics or legal proceedings that result from the student-athlete's involvement in athletics practice or competitive events. The cost of legal representation in such proceedings also may be provided by the institution (or a representative of its athletics interests);
  • Use of computers and typewriters on a check-out and retrieval basis;
  • Use of copy machines, fax machines and the Internet, including related long-distance charge, provided the use is for purposes related to the completion of required academic course work; 
  • Course supplies (e.g., calculators, art supplies, computer disks, subscriptions), provided such course supplies are required of all students in the course and specified in the institution's catalog or course syllabus;
  • Cost of a field trip, provided the field trip is required of all students in the course and the fee for such trips is specified in the institution's catalog; and
  • Non-electronic day planners.


  • Typing, word processing or editing services or costs

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