Complimentary Admissions


During the official visit, a maximum of three complimentary admissions to a home athletics event at any facility within a 30-mile radius of the institution's main campus in which the institution's intercollegiate team practices or competes may be provided to a prospective student-athlete. Such complimentary admissions are for the exclusive use of the prospective student-athlete and those persons accompanying the prospective student-athlete on the visit and must be issued only through a pass list on an individual-game basis. Such admissions may provide seating only in the general seating area of the facility utilized for conducting the event. Providing seating during the conduct of the event (including intermission) for the prospective student-athlete or those persons accompanying the prospective student-athlete in the facility's press box, special seating box(es) or bench area is specifically prohibited. For violations of this bylaw in which the value of the benefit is $100 or less, the eligibility of the individual (i.e., prospective or enrolled student-athlete) shall not be affected conditioned upon the individual repaying the value of the benefit to a charity of his or her choice. The individual, however, shall remain ineligible from the time the institution has knowledge of the receipt of the impermissible benefit until the individual repays the benefit. Violations of this bylaw remain institutional violations per Constitution 2.8.1, and documentation of the individual's repayment shall be forwarded to the enforcement services staff with the institution's self-report of the violation. (Revised: 1/10/90 effective 8/1/90, 1/11/94, 10/28/97, 11/1/00 4/26/01 effective 8/1/01, 4/24/03, 1/9/06)

Bylaw Reserving Game Tickets

An institution may not reserve tickets (in addition to the permissible complimentary admissions) to be purchased by a prospective student-athlete (or individuals accompanying the prospective student-athlete) on an unofficial visit. Tickets may be purchased only in the same manner as any other member of the general public. (Adopted: 1/10/92)

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