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Updated 10/03/13 
The purpose of the Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics is threefold. The Committee recommends to the President the policies for the operation of the intercollegiate athletics program at Auburn, monitors for the President all aspects of the program for compliance with University policies and with NCAA and SEC legislation and assists the President and the Director of Athletics on any aspect of the intercollegiate athletics program for which advice or assistance is requested.
 Seminar Series
 Date  Subject
 April 26, 2012  Initial Eligibility and Amateurism for New Student-Athletes
 February 15, 2012  Academic Eligibility Requirements for Student-Athletes
 November 17, 2011  Compliance Seminar: Boosters
 September 29, 2011  Compliance Seminar: Academic Services
The work of the Committee is conducted through its subcommittees on Academic Standards, Awards, Compliance, Drug Education and Testing, Equity, Welfare and Sportsmanship, Priority and Seating, and Athletics Department Seminar Series.  If you have comments about the Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics or the seminar series, please go here

Dr. Mary K. Boudreaux
Committee Chair, Faculty
Athletic Representative
Professor, Pathobiology

Dr. Barb Struempler
Vice Chair, Program Leader
Nutrition Programs CES -
Family & Consumer Services

Dr. Wayne Alderman
Dean and Professor,
Office of Enrollment
Management Services

Dr. James Barbaree
Scharnagel Professor,
Biological Sciences

Dr. Timothy Boosinger
Provost VP Academic Affairs

Dr. Brian Connelly
Associate Professor,
COB Advisory Council
Research Fellow

Bryan Elmore
A&P Chair
Director, Budget Services

Dr. Donald Large
Executive Vice President

Mr. Harrison Mills
SGA President

Dr. Ann Beth Presley
Associate Professor
Consumer Affairs

Ms. Jennifer Richardson
Staff Council Chair
Property Auditor II

Mr. Kevin Robinson
Executive Director,
Internal Auditing

Dr. Larry Teeter
Professor & Director
Forestry & Wildlife Sciences

Dr. Daniel Svyantek
Chair, Psychology

Mr. John Waggoner
Interim Vice President for
Student Affairs