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Student-Athlete Support Services

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Academic Counseling

Each student-athlete is assigned to a Student-Athlete Support Services (SASS) Athletics Academic Counselor located in the Student-Athlete Development Center (SADC). In conjunction with the student-athlete's specified Dean's Office Advisor, SASS Counselors monitor course registration and long range academic planning. SASS Counselors provide direction for student-athletes, preparing them to better comply with Auburn University, the Southeastern Conference, and NCAA policies and procedures.

Student-athletes should make an appointment to see their assigned Dean's Office Advisor, as well as their SASS Counselor prior to registration each semester. SASS Counselors provide guidance in choosing a major, progression toward a degree, and dropping, adding, and withdrawing from courses. Since all changes in coursework must be in compliance with the rules and regulations of Auburn University and the NCAA, student-athletes must meet with their assigned SASS Counselors before making any changes to their schedules.

The SASS Counselors monitor and forecast the academic progress of student-athletes. Information regarding grades, attendance, and overall effort is requested periodically from professors. Tutoring and additional assessment of skills will be provided for student-athletes as deemed appropriate.

Tiger Tutor Program

The Tiger Tutor Program exists to equip and empower student-athletes to take ownership of their education. The program is designed to enhance student-athletes' educational experience through proactive preparation, continuous engagement and reinforcement with course materials.

  • You can request a tutor through your Counselor, Academic Coordinator, or by submitting a tutor request form (located on the round table next to SADC room 271).
  • GradesFirst will be utilized to schedule all tutor sessions.
  • Student-athletes will receive an email from GradesFirst notifying them of their assigned tutor and scheduled appointments.

Study Table Program

The goal of the Study Table Program is to ensure a professional environment that is conducive to an effective and efficient studying experience. The Study Table environment should be beneficial to independent studying, in addition to meetings with mentors and tutors. With the understanding that you as a Student Athlete have a very busy schedule, we want to ensure that your time spent in SADC is productive. Study Table time should lead to effective learning and should enhance your overall academic success.

Study Table is an objective-based program. Students should be prepared to attend study table with a daily academic work plan or specific tasks to be completed. Students are encouraged to work with their academic counselor, mentor, or tutors to establish daily goals. Study Table monitors will ensure students remain on task, walking into rooms, if needed. However, verification of completed daily tasks will typically take place during the Study Table check-out process.

Tiger Mentor Program

The Tiger Mentor Program is designed for any student-athlete who has a history of academic challenges or who needs academic assistance as they transition from high school to Auburn University.

A major tenet of the program is to meet each student where they are academically, and to provide each individual student what he or she needs to be successful. The Tiger Mentor Program supports students who have education impacting disabilities, as well as those who benefit from individualized academic support, such as identified freshmen and those experiencing academic difficulties. Students in the Program are assigned an Academic Mentor to work with them individually as needed. The Academic Mentor will assist the student with study and learning skills, including but not limited to: time management, organization, memorization techniques, reading and comprehension, note taking, test taking, and other appropriate study methods as needed. All members of the Academic Team, including the Learning Specialist, Academic Counselor, Tutors, and Academic Mentors work together to monitor and encourage success in the classroom.

The Tiger Mentor Program is managed by the SASS Learning Specialists who are involved in hiring, training and supervising the Academic Mentors and assist students by serving as a liaison between Auburn's Office of Accessibility and the student's academic team. If you have questions about The Tiger Mentor Program or need academic assistance, contact an Academic Counselor or a SASS Learning Specialist.

Office of University Writing and The Miller Writing Center (MWC)

The Miller Writing Center provides tutoring for not only English courses but any course in which writing is required. The MWC is available to all Auburn students. There are locations across campus with one housed in the Student-Athlete Development Center. The Writing Center provides help with organizing or outlining your thoughts, polishing a paper before you turn in it in, or any stage in between. You can make an appointment by going online to

Loyd Math Learning Lab

The mission of the Loyd Math Learning Lab is to enhance mathematics education for Auburn's student-athletes. Highly qualified tutors are available for individual or small group sessions. If you have a math question in between tutor sessions, you are welcome to drop by and ask one of our math lab monitors. Calculators are available for check-out on a first-come first-served basis. Copies of nearly all of Auburn's math textbooks are available for use during tutor sessions. Other resources available include formula sheets, graph paper, rulers and section notes for MATH 100 and MATH 1120.

Computer Laboratory

The Computer Laboratory is open to student-athletes weekdays and every night of Study Table. It is also open during the final examination period. Qualified Computer Lab Monitors are available each day of operation to assist students in computer-related issues and to check-in and check-out laptop computers.

The SADC is wireless capable and there are a large number of wireless laptops available for student-athlete and tutor use. All freshmen student-athletes are provided with one (1) USB drive. All computers are linked to a high volume printer for student-athletes to use. In addition to the computers, laptops are available for student-athletes to check out for team travel. A laptop request should be obtained 48 hours before the travel date and be approved by the Academic Counselor.

All computers in the laboratory are equipped with MS Office. When appropriate and within rules and guidelines, SASS may purchase required software for a student and load it on computers in our lab when requested.

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