7/24/2014 - Baseball

Frank Thomas' Hall of Fame career took off at Auburn

Pro scouts missed on Frank Thomas coming out of high school, but they surely took notice when he put up big numbers at Auburn. Those stats, his size and a good batting eye helped send him to the big leagues and a spot in the Hall of Fame.

7/24/2014 - Football

Auburn's Kick Six Iron Bowl return goes epic

You've seen the play countless times. You haven't seen it quite like this. Watch as Auburn's Chris Davis returns a missed Alabama field goal with one second remaining to seal an epic Iron Bowl win for the Tigers. If you haven't seen Auburn's Iron Bowl playlist, view a collection of 58 videos from every angle of the stadium. It's a moment that will live forever in college football history and Auburn football lore.

7/23/2014 - Baseball

Frank Thomas: From Auburn tight end to Cooperstown

He began his college career as an Auburn tight end, but it was Auburn baseball where he made his mark on the way to this weekend's Baseball Hall of Fame ceremony

7/24/2014 - W. Basketball

Kenya Kirkland named Director of WBB Operations

Kenya Kirkland, who played for head coach Terri Williams-Flournoy at Georgetown from 2006-10, has been named director of operations for the Auburn women's basketball team, Williams-Flournoy announced today.

7/23/2014 - General Release

Top Ten Moments of 2013-2014 Season: No. 5

It's been a great year to be an Auburn Tiger. From August through June, Auburn's 19 teams had some amazing accomplishments that will be remembered for years to come. Join us here as we count down the top moments from 2013-2014 and celebrate Auburn's athletic achievements. Can you guess the order?

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